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Premium companion housekeepers in your Hertford home

We expect the best from our companion housekeepers which is why each companion housekeeper is interviewed individually by an expert Guardian Carers consultant. We request all candidates undertake a DBS check and first aid certification.

Your safety and security is our absolute priority

Your safety and security are the driving forces behind what we do, our extensive vetting procedure is designed to ensure every companion housekeeper is a positive and seamless addition to your Hertford home.

Empowering independence at home

Your needs and home are unique which is why our consultancy service is tailored to your requirements. Our companion housekeepers are flexible to work around your schedule and needs.

What support can I expect from Guardian Carers in Hertford?

Guardian Carers will support you through the entire process of selecting your companion housekeeper in Hertford. With our extensive interview and vetting procedures, you will rest assured that your companion housekeeper will have the experience, skills, qualifications and personality that you are looking for in your perfect companion housekeeper. Along with our bespoke consultancy service, you will be supported through the interview process with appropriate questions to ask, scenarios to go through with them and what you can expect from your interviews. After your interviews we will always request feedback so we are able to amend your search if required.

Guardian Carers will supply you with sample contracts for your use to be tailored to your companion housekeeper. Guardian Carers in Hertford also have a revered payroll department, who will be able to provide you with monthly or weekly payslips for your companion housekeeper detailing the contributions needed on their behalf and sign you up with HMRC as an employer. Guardian Carers in Hertford is motivated by reducing your stress from the very first call. Guardian Carers lead by example with the care and support you can expect from your companion housekeeper.

Daily tasks your companion housekeeper can assist with...

  • maintaining a clean and tidy household
  • preparing nutritious meals that suit to your dietary requirements
  • handling financial matters
  • organising and accompanying you to social events
  • encouraging you to take up a hobby such as yoga or patchwork
  • running errands such as post office runs
  • changing the bed linen
  • making reservations to top restaurants
  • organising the laundry and ironing
  • ensuring all medication has been taken
  • planning activities such as going to Panshanger Park with friends and family
  • helping to ensure you keep in contact with loved ones
  • liaising with medical staff and booking all necessary appointments

Bilingual companion housekeepers in Hertford with Guardian Carers

The United Kingdom is a diverse and multicultural country languages and cultures from around the world can be found. Bilingual companion housekeepers in Hertford with Guardian Carers will bring the food, language and culture that you love so dearly into your home in a way that a care home would never be able to accommodate. You may struggle with your second language, bilingual companion housekeepers in Hertford can be a bridge between these two languages. Sharing a language and culture creates a stronger bond and understanding which is what we look for when we are finding your perfect companion housekeeper. Our team of bilingual consultants are able to check references in their native language as well as check the fluency of the companion housekeeper.

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