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Premium Elderly Care in your home

We expect the best from our carers which is why each carer is interviewed individually by an expert Guardian Carers consultant. We request all Guardian Carers undertake a DBS check and first aid certification.

Your loved ones safety and security is our absolute priority

Your safety and security are the driving forces behind what we do, our extensive vetting procedure is designed to ensure every Elderly Carer is a positive and seamless addition to your Kensington home.

Empowering independence at home

Your needs and home are unique which is why our consultancy service is tailored to your requirements, your care will be as unique as you are. Our Elderly Carers are flexible to work around your schedule and needs.

Why choose Elderly Carers in your Kensington home rather than a care home?

Elderly Carers in Kensington are able to offer you the one on one care that care homes simply cannot afford to provide. Elderly Carers in Kensington with Guardian Carers enables you to chose how much or little care you require, if you need to go out at short notice there aren't any forms to sign or asking for permission, your Guardian Carers is there for you. With Elderly Carers in Kensington there is no need to go through the painful experience of downsizing possessions, leaving familiar surroundings or moving away from close friends. The life you love stays exactly how you've built it in Kensington, with a little extra assistance. Elderly Carers in Kensington ensures you continue living an engaging and independent life, surrounded by everything you cherish.

What will an Elderly Carer in Kensington support with...?

  • personal care
  • easing the routine of getting up in the morning and going to bed at night
  • enabling mobility, including moving and handling transfers
  • creating a menu plan, cooking food and serving beverages
  • fulfilling activities of daily living
  • running errands such as picking up weekly essentials
  • answering emergency bells and the telephone
  • visiting loved ones
  • arranging enjoyable activities such attending an event at the Royal Albert Hall in Kensington
  • ensuring living environment is as safe as possible
  • light domestic support
  • medication prompting
  • liaising with doctors, physiotherapist and nurses as well as book any necessary appointments

What are the advantages of Elderly Carers in Kensington?

Elderly Carers in Kensington provides you with the opportunity to continue living at home, with your pets, near your loved ones and friends and continue your life with the least amount of disruption. Your Elderly Carer in Kensington will work with you one on one, providing assistance exactly how and when you need it. Elderly Carers in Kensington reduces the complications that may come with organising social events or outings, with Elderly Carers in Kensington you decide how your day and spare time is spent. Our carers in Kensington are vastly experienced in the medical conditions that could be factors in our client's lives, these may bring obstacles to their daily life in which the support of a Elderly Carer that they know and trust can be incomparable.

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