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Why should you choose one of our vetted carers to care for you or your loved one?

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Sooner or later in our lives, the time comes to consider care - either for ourselves or for a loved one. When this time comes, it’s important to pick the best possible carer who can provide the necessary care for as long as needed.

Looking for a carer on your own can be a daunting task. You will have to do your own research and vetting of carers and it will consume a lot of your time and resources. On the other hand, hiring a care agency such as Guardian Carers will offer you peace of mind knowing that your care or your loved one’s care is in the best hands possible.

Guardian Carers are experts at what they do and we pride ourselves on our extensive vetting procedures. We take great care in choosing the most suitable carers for you or your loved one, based on your exact specifications. So, why should you choose one of our vetted carers to care for you or your loved one? Keep reading to find out.

Save time and resources

It may come as no surprise that looking for a carer on your own will consume a lot of time and resources. You must devote your time to first research the ways in which you can find carers and then tho conduct your own interviews and vetting.

Oftentimes, you may not find a carer who lives locally to you or who matches your criteria and has the right experience for the role. Interviews may fall through and you may find that you will be disappointed and overwhelmed with the amount of work and effort it takes.

However, if you enlist the help of a care agency such as Guardian Carers, all this stress will be taken out of your hands. Your personal consultant will be able to provide you with carers who fit your description from our own database.

More than this, they will put in the time to advertise for the role and look for carers themselves. They will conduct interviews with suitable candidates and make sure to do their due diligence. They will vet the candidates extensively. This includes face to face or video interviews, checking their background through an enhanced DBS check and also checking 2 references verbally.

Peace of mind knowing that carers are expertly vetted

The beauty of choosing one of our vetted carers to care for you or your loved one is having peace of mind knowing that all the checks have been made for you. You will rest assured knowing that the person you will welcome into your home has been extensively vetted.

Our consultants take no shortcuts when it comes to vetting carers. They make sure that each candidate they select to register with Guardian Carers has a minimum of 2 years of professional care experience.

When they search for carers for your role, they will do so according to the job description you have provided. They will keep in mind the level of experience you require of a carer, the tasks you need them to undertake and whether they have experience in completing these tasks from their previous roles, whether they have the right qualifications and certifications, and whether they are a good personality match to you or your loved one.

After our consultants complete all the vetting on their side, including conducting interviews, checking documents and right to work, background checks and taking references, you will also have the chance to interview the carers you prefer the most. This will offer you extra security and peace of mind that you are choosing the perfect candidate for you or your loved one.

Receive quality service and support each step of the way

Our consultants will be with you every step of the way. They will keep you informed about the candidates they have found for you and the progress they are making with each one. They will liaise with you and the candidates. They will support you throughout the entire hiring process.

Once you have picked the carer whom you would like to hire, your consultant will provide you with sample contracts to use and will do all the negotiating on your behalf. If you decide to hire one of our carers on a permanent basis, you will get to use our payroll service for the first 6 months of employment free of charge.

What is more, if you change your mind and you think the carer you have chosen is not quite right, we will re-start the recruitment process for you free of charge in the first 6 months. However, experience has shown that due to the extensive vetting process our carers are subjected to, requiring a replacement is unlikely to happen. Our replacement rate is only 5%.

Once the hiring process has been completed, your new carer will be able to begin working in your home, providing you with the level of care, support and independence you and your loved one are looking for.

Your consultant will still be only one call away, should you have any questions. They will keep in touch with you and your carer even after they have settled into the role. Our consultants still maintain close communication with many of our clients years after they have hired their carer from us.

If you are interested in knowing more about the carer services we can provide you with and how we can help you find the best possible carer with no-hassle, you can contact one of our consultants on 0207 183 1395. They will be happy to answer any queries you may have about our vetted carers and how life with a carer will look like.

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