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Multiple Sclerosis Carer

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Multiple Sclerosis Carer

Why could a multiple sclerosis carer be the best option for me?

Managing a condition such as multiple sclerosis is a lifelong journey. When you are first diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, you may be able to manage your symptoms mostly on your own, you might find that you require someone to lean on as your symptoms persist. Having someone who specialises in multiple sclerosis support at home will mean that you have someone with you who has hands on experience and knowledge about ways in which you can continue to live independently, on your own terms. Working with you and your loved ones, your multiple sclerosis carer will assist you in developing ways in which you are able to continue living your life as independently as possible, whilst managing your multiple sclerosis symptoms.

When we hire our experienced multiple sclerosis carers there are some important qualities we look for in all our carers. We believe some of the many aspects good carer should have is being respectful, patient, reliable and qualified.

Our multiple sclerosis carers must be respectful, you may find yourself not being able to do everything you used to be able to do and people may start to treat you in a patronising way, we ensure our carers will treat you with the respect you deserve at all times.

A good carer must also be patient, with multiple sclerosis it can be frustrating when everyday tasks take longer than usual. It is important that your carer is patient and calm without getting annoyed or flustered.

A carer should be reliable, as your age or condition progresses you may need to start relying on your carer for more important aspects such as taking you to doctor’s appointments or medication dispensing. Your carer must ensure every duty is completed and they are done properly and on time.

Being observant is a key aspect of what makes a good carer. You or your loved one may not notice certain symptoms becoming more and more frequent. However, it is up to your disability carer at home to notice these things and act accordingly. Along with being observant, your carer must also be compassionate. With you or your loved one starting to deteriorate, it can be a very emotional and scary time, having a carer there to support you and be there to pick you up on your bad days is very important.

Multiple sclerosis carers are also a source of emotional support and friendship so no matter what you or your family member is going through, you will know they have someone standing by their side.

As their needs evolve and change, the care can evolve with you, so while you may start with someone popping in a few times a week, you may find that you gradually require more and more help which could be a sign you may need to look at getting someone full time.

How can a multiple sclerosis carer improve my quality of life?

Employing a carer to assist with your multiple sclerosis is the perfect solution for those who feel as though they are not quite ready to leave their beloved family home but find themselves increasingly relying on friends or family to assist with aspects of their daily life.

Multiple sclerosis support at home is completely customizable to your schedule and your needs, whether that be full time, part time live out or live in multiple sclerosis care at home. This is why private multiple sclerosis care at home is the most accommodating care option for you. The added support around their day to day life will mean they are able to live as independently as possible, without feeling like a burden on you to get essential tasks done and remain in your home and community for as long as possible surrounded by their friends and their precious possessions that hold such dear memories.

Your multiple sclerosis support at home can assist you with:

  • Organising activities
  • Taking you to social events
  • Organising appointments
  • Mediation management
  • Personal care
  • Grooming
  • Laundry and ironing
  • Preparing meals
  • Liaising with doctors
  • Ensuring the home is kept clean and tidy to your standards
  • Taking pets on walks
  • Mobility support
  • Helping with the hoovering
  • Changing bed linen

Personalised care

Private multiple sclerosis care at home provides a personalised, flexible and one on one care for your loved one in the environment where they feel most comfortable. By choosing a multiple sclerosis carer, you are choosing to keep them in their home for as long as possible, surrounded by their friends and community. By personalising the care, your family member will remain independent within their home until they feel ready to move on to a retirement residence. Personalised care also means that as their needs develop, their care can develop too alongside them.

Specialised care and in-depth understanding

Private and personalised care is essential if your family member is dealing with more serious health issues such as multiple sclerosis. Multiple sclerosis carers are specifically trained and have years of hands-on experience managing symptoms on a day to day basis, they will provide you with a deeper understanding than your loved ones might be able to provide.

They will also be more experienced that your loved ones may be in dealing with more challenging situations that might arise. They are also able to guide you through the changes that happen within yourself, provide you with reassurance and an understanding shoulder to lean on.

How do I start my multiple sclerosis carer search?

Taking the first step in fining your multiple sclerosis carer and knowing where to start can be a daunting process, which is why consulting an agency that specialises in multiple sclerosis carers at home is essential to ensuring your search is stressfree and seamless. With an agency, you have access to expert, experienced advice. Agencies also take the hassle of finding someone out of your hands and make the process a straight forward and enjoyable experience. With Guardian Carers, we interview and screen all our candidates and we are able to provide sample contracts and a payroll service once you have found your perfect multiple sclerosis support at home.

Our years of experience within the industry has meant that our vetting procedure has been honed down to a fine art. When you use an agency like Guardian Carers you can rest assured that the multiple sclerosis carer you are being presented with has had a thorough background check, verbal references have been verified by our consultants and their experience compliments your requirements perfectly.

Our consultants believe that your multiple sclerosis care at home should start the very moment you contact us, and will not stop once you have found your carer. Our consultants are always on hand to assist at any point during your search and even after you have found the carer for you.

Helping hand from the very beginning with Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis care at home agencies such as Guardian Carers take the hassle of resourcing potential carers from you and will only present you with the best of the best that we meet. We bring them into the office for a face to face interview where their experience and qualifications are discussed at length and we are able to obtain verbal references which we then personally check ourselves.

All of our multiple sclerosis carers will have the following:

  • First Aid and Safeguarding qualification
  • Enhanced DBS check
  • At least 3 years of experience
  • Any language requirements can be accommodated

From the very first call, your expert consultant will guide you through what your options are, what would suit your requirements most closely and put your mind to rest with any concerns you might have regarding your autism carer at home search. Our consultants are also on hand to help and answer any questions you might have along the way, using an agency that specialises in multiple sclerosis carers at home like Guardian Carers means you have a direct line to the experts. No matter what stage you are at with your multiple sclerosis care search, our consultants are on hand to assist.

Working with experts from the very start

Our years of experience within the care industry means we know what it takes to be an exceptional multiple sclerosis carer, which is why all the multiple sclerosis carers at home we work with are the best of the best that are available. We pride ourselves on providing a premium level of service and care for our clients because we expect the same from our carers. We maintain the highest standards and expect the best from our carers because we know you expect the best for yourself.

Here at Guardian Carers, we pride ourselves on being able to delicately align a premium, luxury service for an aspect of your life that is so personal.

So much so that 90% of the families we work with result in a happy, long term placement. Using an agency that specialises in multiple sclerosis carers like Guardian Carers means you can be sure you will receive support from every side, we will take the stress of finding a carer from you and present you with multiple sclerosis services at-home options that perfectly aligns with your care needs and your schedule.

We work with your family to find solutions, whatever your needs. To make perfect and seamless placements is Guardian Carers ethos. With Guardian Carers it is your care, your home, your way.

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