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Sky News: Guardian Carers on the Role of Overseas Workers in the UK Social Care Sector

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In an era characterised by dynamic demographic shifts and evolving healthcare needs, the UK’s social care sector finds itself in a pivotal moment.

Guardian Carers Co-Founder and Managing Director, Renate Winkler, was asked by Sky News to give her thoughts on the current landscape of social care in the UK. The programme delved into the incorporation of overseas Carers to address the growing demands of the UK’s social care landscape.

Amidst demographic ageing, increased life expectancy, and the intricacies of modern healthcare, the interview explores the urgent need for overseas workers and their unique roles in the social care sector.

Winkler not only highlighted industry challenges but fervently emphasised that overseas Carers are not merely essential but a transformative force that enhances the quality of care for vulnerable individuals across the UK.

The Current State of UK Social Care

Winkler shed light on the pressing issues surrounding immigration in the care sector. With an estimated 152,000 vacancies in the care industry last year, she emphasised the critical need for overseas workers to fill the void and address the burgeoning challenges within the social care system.

"Social care has the most vacancies out of any sector," noted Winkler. “There are people stuck in hospital for three months who are ready to be released but because there isn’t enough social care they have to stay in hospital - and then other patients can’t come in - so I do believe that recruiting from abroad is a good solution if done the correct way.”

Guardian Carers, a London-based home care agency, recognises that overseas recruitment can be a viable solution when approached thoughtfully and responsibly.

The Need for Overseas Workers

Recent data from the Home Office further underscores the growing reliance on overseas workers in the care sector. In the year ending June 2023, the number of visas issued to care and senior care workers skyrocketed to 77,000, a remarkable increase from the previous year’s 12,300.

This surge represents a 500% rise since the expansion of the visa scheme to include entry-level care workers, with qualified senior care workers becoming eligible in December 2020.

A significant portion of this increase is attributed to the 121,290 individuals who arrived in the UK on Health and Care Worker visas, marking a staggering 157% surge from the previous year.

The rise in Health and Care Worker visas reflects the industry’s acknowledgement that recruiting skilled professionals from overseas is a crucial and immediate solution to the persistent staffing crisis.

While immigration in the care sector continues to be a topic of debate, the data suggests that the demand for overseas workers is an essential component of sustaining and enhancing the social care system in the UK.

As Guardian Carers leads the charge in addressing these challenges, Winkler’s insights underscore the urgency of adopting a comprehensive and considerate approach to overseas recruitment.

The focus should not only be on meeting immediate staffing needs but also on building a sustainable and resilient care sector that can provide high-quality services to those who need them the most.

The Story of Elizabeth

Guardian Carers was pleased to showcase the story of Elizabeth Barton, one of our lovely Carers, in the Sky News programme. Elizabeth spoke about relocating from South Africa in September 2022 with Political Correspondent Amanda Akaas.

Her story resonates with the experiences of over 120,000 individuals who, like her, sought opportunities to address vacancies in the struggling health and care sector over the past year.

At Guardian Carers, we ensure that all candidates undergo thorough vetting processes and possess a certain level of experience. The agency places no emphasis on the country of origin, recognising that talent and dedication transcend borders.

Elizabeth Barton stands as a testament to this ethos, embodying the qualities of a dedicated and experienced Carer who excels in her profession. She derives immense satisfaction from the care profession, not only for her clients but also for her own family.

We were pleased to be able to take part in this discussion, as now, more than ever, overseas workers are vital for the care sector. The urgent need for skilled professionals is evident amid a significant rise in industry vacancies. Winkler passionately advocated for the integration of overseas Carers as a transformative force, emphasising the immediate solution they provide to the UK staffing crisis.

You can read the full Sky News story and watch the programme here.

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