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Nursing Care

What does private nursing home care consist of?

Nursing care for the elderly allows you or your loved one to remain in your home, and live as independently as possible for as long as possible. Nursing care at home is the perfect balance of assisted care while living in the comfort of your own home. Your carer will have extensive experience and will be able to help you with any task required.

Here at Guardian carers we understand each household is unique and every individual has different needs and requirements, which is why we offer a wide range of nursing care at home. Private nursing care can consist of Live In, Live Out or Full Time or Part Time. Live In nursing care is the most comprehensive care, care that tends to be before one would go into a care or residential home. Part Time care can be available from an hour once a week, to a few hours a day.

Respite care can also be provided to you or your loved one. Respite care is when a carer comes for a set period of time to help with personal and home care. You may require respite care if you have undergone an operation or if your current private nursing carer is on annual leave. Should you or your loved one need, your respite carer can also help with home transfers from the hospital.

Guardian Carers can also provide specialised care for those who are battling long term progressive illnesses such as Parkinsons or Alzhimers. Our specialised carers would have medical training and the relevant experience to ensure your loved one is in the most able hands whilst remaining in their home. Our private nursing carers can be Live In and offer round the clock 24hour care 7 days a week, if that it what you require, to ensure you are able to stay in the home, around the people you love for as long as possible.

How can your private nursing carer improve your quality of life?

Having nursing care at home can help you to stay in the home you love, around the people you love and the memories you’ve created for as long as possible. Your private nursing carer can help with anything from personal care and wellbeing to helping with your day to day housekeeping chores.

Your carer can assist you with almost anything such as:

  • Accompanying you to social events and outings
  • Preparing nutritious meals and hot beverages throughout the day
  • Booking reservations, transport and appointments
  • Light gardening
  • Medication dispensation
  • Personal care and hygiene
  • Keeping the household clean and neat
  • Changing the bed linen weekly
  • Going for walks around the neighbourhood
  • Encouraging a healthy lifestyle

Our private nursing carers are entirely flexible to your needs, there are they to provide you with one to one bespoke care. Your carer would never be annoyed or angry if you decide to change your daily activities and tasks, if you are having a bad day and don’t feel like doing anything your private carer can take care of everything. Your carer can be a point of motivation should you wish, they can encourage you to take regular exercise, eat healthily or take up new hobbies.

Guardian Carers also specialises in Bilingual care, currently our consultants can speak over 15 languages. At Guardian Carers we understand that having a carer that speaks your native language allows for a deeper connection to be established.

Emotional support throughout your placement

A nursing carer for the elderly is a great source of emotional support. Although staying in your home for as long as possible is the goal it can also come with the feeling of loneliness and isolation. Private nursing care provides you with the ability to continue your day to day activities and see your friends or loved ones when you wish.

All our nursing carers would have a minimum of 3 years experience, thus they have a deep understanding of the impacts and struggles you are going through, which your loved ones may not fully understand. Your carer will be there to provide a lending hand through your good and especially, your bad days.

Our extensive vetting procedure

Guardian Carers has been in the care industry for over 14 years, through this time we have learnt what it takes to provide an excellent carer and perfected our extensive vetting procedure. Each and everyone of our carers would have undergone an in depth face to face interview with one of our consultants to discuss at length their qualifications and experiences before we give you their profile. Our consultants will then personally check their verbal references. Not only do we discuss their qualifications and experience but also their interests and hobbies as we believe your carer must have similar attributes to you to ensure a long lasting placement.

To assure you and your loved one feels 100% safe and confident in your carer we ensure all our carers have the following:

  • Enhanced DBS check
  • First Aid qualification
  • Completed a Safeguarding course
  • Minimum 3 years experience

With all our carers having a minimum of 3 years experience you can expect that should you have a fall or an emergency your private nursing carer will know exactly how to handle the situation.

Why choose an agency?

Knowing where to start a search can be overwhelming, this is where consulting in an experienced private nursing care agency can be a good point to start from. Using an agency, such as Guardian Carers, we will take the hassle and time consuming nature of finding the perfect carer from you. You will have a direct line to expert advice. Guardian carers screen all our candidates and able to help you throughout every step of the way.

With Guardian Carers, 14 years in the care industry, we know what it takes to be a phenomenal carer. We pride ourselves on providing a superior service with outstanding care to our clients. So much so, 90% of the families we work with are in a happy and lasting placement. You can be assured that you will receive support from all sides and be presented with private nursing carers that perfectly aligns with your care needs and requirements.

We work with families to find solutions, whatever your needs are. With Guardian Carers our ethos is, it’s your care, your home, your way.

Ensuring you peace of mind and security are the driving forces behind what we do

Having a nursing carer gives you and your loved one a peace of mind knowing you are in the most capable hands, should you ever have a fall or an emergency. For those individuals with Live In care, having someone around 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure your safety will allow your loved ones to relax. Having an extra abled body around the household also increases your security as it deters any unwanted visitors. Ensuring you feel safe and secure within your home is our priority.

Helping you to find your perfect at home nursing carer

Guardian carers aim is to ensure everyone of our clients are happy and in a long lasting placement with their carer. We not only want to provide you with the very best carers but offer you a carer who can become an important companion to you. There are three stages Guardian Carers undergo to help find you your perfect carer.

Firstly, there is a free consultation in which, our consultants can suggest what type of care would best suit you and your needs. During this consultation, they would understand what you like to do, your morals and interests to ensure we match you with a carer who has similar attributes to you.

Next, we will provide you with sample profiles of candidates we think will best be suited to you. We will arrange interviews for you at times that are most convenient to you. Guardian Carers can offer you interview tips and some key questions you may want to ask, to ensure you get the most out of your interview. After your interview, we will ask for your feedback to amend the search should you require.

Once you have found the nursing carer you like the most, we can offer you sample contracts and help you through all the paperwork required when hiring a carer such as hours and pay. We can also sign your up to our payroll service and HMRC.

Start your search today to find your ideal carer

If you or your loved one would like to find out more about our nursing home care for the elderly please give us a call today. Our consultants have been working in the industry for years and can help answer all the questions you may have or help discuss what type of nursing care at home would best be suited to you and your requirements. By using an agency like Guardian Carers you will have access to expert and experienced advice at all times.

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