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Sports Injury Carer


Guardian Carers specialises in providing private care in the home for individuals that have suffered from sports related injuries. When you are playing any sport or do any sort of exercise, we understand that injuries can happen. Sports injuries can range from minor to severe, and they may be caused by overuse or sudden trauma. For example, this may happen when you have been for a jog or simply during a workout in the gym. Some of the most common injuries include sprains, abrasions or torn ligaments. The difficulty of working your bones, joints, muscles, ligaments or tendons, as well as your nerves, may restrict the movement and flexibility of your body.

Suffering from any sport or athletic injury will have an impact on a person’s physical, emotional and social aspects of their life, which can be an overwhelming a daunting experience. Daily tasks will start to become slightly more difficult, which means expert private care and support in the home could be essential for you. However, sustaining a sport injury does not have to stop you from continuing to live life the way your previously enjoyed. With the right support, those affected by a sport injury can continue to lead fulfilling independent lives, whilst remaining in the comfort of their own home


Finding a perfect sport injury home care for your loved one is stressful and time-consuming, using an agency like Guardian Carers we can take that from you and provide you with spinal cord injury aftercare at home that suits your requirements. Our experienced consultants will understand what your needs and requirements are and what you are looking for in your ideal carer to help us tailor your search. Whether you are looking for spinal injury home care to help around the home and within your day to day life, Guardian Carers works with you and your loved ones to ensure you find your perfect carer.

Many of our professional private carers specialises in sports injury care with a minimum of 3 years experience. The sports injury carers will help you to recover as smoothly and quickly as possible, whether you are an elite athlete or someone keeping fit for personal gain, Guardian carers can provide you with the right private care.

While our sport injury carers are able to help with a range of duties, the focus tends to be on your health and wellbeing. So while they will help with household chores their main duties will include things like medication management, assisting with physiotherapy exercises, taking you to appointments and liaising with doctors, mobility support and personal care, depending on your requirements.


Private sport injury home care services at home also take the pressure off your loved ones, who while they are happy to help when and where they can, are most likely not equipped with the skills and experience that a professional carer will offer. Your loved ones have their own routine and day to day activities they need to focus on, a sport injury carer looks after your needs when and where you need them. The added support around your day to day life will mean you are able to live as independently as possible.

With Guardian Carers, your private sport injury carer in the home will provide completely personalised, one on one care in the environment you feel most comfortable, your home. Moulding to your needs, a sport injury home care service ensures your needs are being met and you remain independent within your home and community. Your focus can be directed to the aspects of your life that are important to you.


The physical challenges from a sport injury could be upsetting for both the patient and their loved ones. If the person requires surgery, the rehabilitation process can also be a daunting and difficult process which needs professional private home care. If you are currently recovering from surgery, sport injury home care would be the best choice for you, specifically if you are in pain, or your family may be unable to regularly care for you. With our 14 years of care service experience, we would strongly advise people to find out more about post-operative care, as it always comforting to have someone on hand if anything goes wrong. We would also highly recommend that you plan your post-operative care in advance, so the sport injury carer is ready and waiting to assist you as soon as you are discharged from hospital.

At Guardian Carers, we have an extensive list of sport injury carers who are fully trained and qualified with a great deal of previous experience in the industry. It is understandable to want a carer with some medical knowledge in order to assist even further with your recovery process. We go above and beyond to find the most qualified carers suited for you. So not only will you have a personal carer to look after your needs, you will also have someone with a medical background to make you feel more comfortable and confident with your rehabilitation.


If you are on the search for a carer to support you with any daily activities, then a sport injury carer could be the perfect option for you. From the first point of contact, we will help you every step of the way and take the hassle and time-consuming nature of resourcing potential sport injury recovery care.

Having a sport injury carer would be the most cost effective and flexible type of care you could get. At Guardian Carers, we offer an extensive range of care options, this could include full-time or part time care, as well as live-in care. Live in Care could be the most comprehensive In Home care, where your loved one can receive 24 hour care, 7 days a week. Live-in sport injury care will is required a daily payment, but the rest of our sports injury home care rates will charge hourly, which allows you more flexibility with the hours.


At Guardian Carers, we will always ensure every single client is happy and in a long-lasting placement with their private carer. We not only want to provide you with the best sports injury home care, but also the best companionship suited for you. Throughout the process of searching for your personalised sport or athletic injury care, there are three key stages we have to undergo.

Firstly, our expert consultants will be on hand to give you a free consultation where we would discuss your requirements and suggest the type of care suitable for you. During this consultation, we will be able to understand what you are looking for, and also find out your interests and morals so we can go above and beyond to match a carer best suited with your attributes.

After the consultation, we will then provide you with a range of sample profiles of candidates that we would recommend. Once you have selected your preferred choices, we will then arrange interviews for you at times when it is most convenient for you. At Guardian Carers, we are always happy to suggest any tips or interview questions you may want to ask in order to get a great deal of information from the candidate. We will then ask for your feedback and amend our search if needed.

Once you have found the carer you prefer the most, we can provide with sample contracts and assist you through all the paperwork that is required to hire a sports injury recovery carer, for example hours and payment. We are also happy to sign you up to our payroll service.


If you are on the search for a sports or athletic injury carer for you or your loved one, then Guardian Carers could help you with anything you need to find your perfect care. Our consultants are industry experts and can answer all the questions you may have, and discuss what type of care you would be best suited for you. If you would like to find out more about our services, then feel free to give us a call today.

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