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Guardian Carers specialises in providing private care in the home for individuals that have suffered from sports related injuries. When you are playing any sport or do any sort of exercise, we understand that injuries can happen. Sports injuries can range from minor to severe, and they may be caused by overuse or sudden trauma. For example, this may happen when you have been for a jog or simply during a workout in the gym. Some of the most common injuries include sprains, abrasions or torn ligaments. The difficulty of working your bones, joints, muscles, ligaments or tendons, as well as your nerves, may restrict the movement and flexibility of your body.

Suffering from any sport or athletic injury will have an impact on a person’s physical, emotional and social aspects of their life, which can be an overwhelming a daunting experience. Daily tasks will start to become slightly more difficult, which means expert private care and support in the home could be essential for you. However, sustaining a sport injury does not have to stop you from continuing to live life the way your previously enjoyed. With the right support, those affected by a sport injury can continue to lead fulfilling independent lives, whilst remaining in the comfort of their own home

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