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Post Operative Care

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Post Operative Care

Post operative care at home

Post operative care, is care people hire when they have just undergone an operation and need a helping hand to get back on their feet. Before you are discharged from the hospital, you will undergo an assessment which would state whether post operative care is necessary or not. In our 14 years of experience in the care industry we would advise elderly people to look into post operative care, to ensure a peace of mind knowing you are safe and should anything go wrong there is someone there to help. Post operative patients must be monitored and assessed closely for a set period of time after they have had surgery to look out for any deterioration in condition or signs of infection.

Post operative care at home is necessary if someone is in significant pain, family members live too far away to provide frequent help, needs regular check up or physiotherapy appointments or unable to move freely. Having a carer ensures that an easy, successful and sustainable recovery is achieved.

Guardian Carers recommend you plan your post operative carer in advance so you can be assured there is a carer in place for you or your loved one as soon as your are discharged from the hospital. By hiring a post operative carer in advance they can make sure everything is set up before you get home, for example have all the medication and necessary equipment working to ensure a smooth and seamless transition between the hospital and coming home.

What is the role of a post operative care nurse

The role of your post operative carer doesn't start when you get home from the hospital, here at Guardian Carers we can arrange for your carer to pick you up from the hospital and take you home. Your carer can make sure that you have everything ready, such as food in the fridge and the necessary equipment and medication before you get home.

Your post operative carer would be in charge of:

  • Preparing healthy meals and hot beverages throughout the day
  • Ensuring you take all medication needed and reordering if required
  • Checking your vitals are okay
  • Working any medical equipment and sorting it out if there are any problems
  • Keeping your household neat and tidy
  • Liaising with doctors, family members and friends
  • Taking you for walks around the neighbourhood or local park
  • Personal care and hygiene such as helping with bathing
  • Re dressing and cleaning wounds

Your carer is there to assist you with almost everything, from household chores to personal care. The role of a post operative care is to ensure you make a speedy uncomplicated recovery as possible.

When hiring post operative carers we look for a range of attributes and qualifications such as reliability, compassion and patience however we believe that, one of, if not the most important attribute of a post operative carer should have is being observant. Observance is key as in the first few days and week after having a major operation the chances of an infection or other complications is the highest. Your carer must be alert and continuously checking your vitals and stitches to reduce the impact of any infection or take you to hospital immediately if there is a start of an infection.

Benefits of post operative care at home

Post operative care at home is an alternative to a long hospital stay or a rehabilitation clinic, it allows your loved one to recover in the luxury and comfort of their own home. Research has suggested that returning home, results in faster and smoother recovery. Firstly, Post operative care at home mean that family and friends are able to offer more support and visit more easily as there is no hospital visiting hours restrictions. Secondly, having a post operative carer at home allows you to adjust to independent living slowly and in your own time. A longer stay in hospital can make it more difficult to adjust as you are going from continuous support immediately to unsupported living, especially if there are physical changes to cope with.

Our post operative home care assistance carers provide the necessary security and safety you need to maintain the life you have built in your home. By having a home carer, you and your loved ones can have a peace of mind, knowing you are in safe and able hands should you have a fall or an emergency. Also having an extra abled body around the house, reduced the chances of uninvited visitors.

Types of post operative care we have available

Here at Guardian carers we offer three types of post operative care as we understand that each individual is different and that there are different levels of post surgery support required. Guardian Carers private post operative care services are available in the form of Full Time or Part Time and either as a Live In or Live Out position, depending on what sort of support and assistance you or your loved one are looking for.

Live In is the most comprehensive care as it can be available as round the clock, 24 hour care, 7 days a week. This is especially for individuals who have been discharged after undergoing a major operation that either requires medical machinery, equipment or has limited mobility. Live In post operative care would be billed weekly.

Full Time Live Out is also available, typically a carer would be with you for 10 to 12 hours a day, then would go home in the evening. Your carer would be able to help you with whatever you need during their working hours. Full Time carer is typically billed on an hourly rate, making it more financially manageable should you decrease or increase the hours.

We can also offer part time carers that can be on offer from a couple of home visits a week, to a few hours each day. Guardian cares understand that flexibility is key, as when recovering you may start off needing a full time carer then drop down to a part time carer as you recover, which is why all our carers whether they are live in or part time will have the same medical training. This is so when you want to reduce your care support you wont need to have a new carer, who will take time to get to know you and how you like things done.

Guardian Carers also specialised in bilingual help, so if English isn't your first language in your home, our consultants can speak over 15 different languages. We understand that speaking your native language brings comfort and ease to your relationship with your carer.

What is the process of hiring a post operative carer?

Guardian carers aim is to ensure everyone of our clients are happy and in a long lasting placement with their carer. We not only want to provide you with the very best carers but offer you a carer who can become an important companion to you. There are three stages Guardian Carers undergo to help find you your perfect carer.

Firstly, there is a free consultation in which, our consultants can suggest what type of care would best suit you and your needs. During this consultation, they would understand what you like to do, your morals and interests to ensure we match you with a carer who has similar attributes to you.

Next, we will provide you with sample profiles of candidates we think will best be suited to you and your medical needs. We will arrange interviews for you at times that are most convenient to you. Guardian Carers can offer you interview tips and some key questions you may want to ask, to ensure you get the most out of your interview. After your interview, we will ask for your feedback to amend the search should you require.

Once you have found the nursing carer you like the most, we can offer you sample contracts and help you through all the paperwork required when hiring a carer such as hours and pay. We can also sign your up to our payroll service and HMRC.

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If you would like to find out more about post operative care at home and what carers we have available, contact us for a free expert consultation to discuss what care is best for you and how we are able to start your search. We can personalise your assisted living home carer search to whatever works best for you. By using Guardian Carers you have access to expert and experienced advice. Using an agency takes the hassle of finding someone out of your hands and make the process an effortless experience.

Our consultants are also on hand to help and answer any questions you might have along the way, using a live in care agency in London like Guardian Carers means you have a direct line to the experts.

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