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Types of post operative care we have available

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Types of post operative care we have available

Here at Guardian carers we offer three types of post operative care as we understand that each individual is different and that there are different levels of post surgery support required. Guardian Carers private post operative care services are available in the form of Full Time or Part Time and either as a Live In or Live Out position, depending on what sort of support and assistance you or your loved one are looking for.

Live In is the most comprehensive care as it can be available as round the clock, 24 hour care, 7 days a week. This is especially for individuals who have been discharged after undergoing a major operation that either requires medical machinery, equipment or has limited mobility. Live In post operative care would be billed weekly.

Full Time Live Out is also available, typically a carer would be with you for 10 to 12 hours a day, then would go home in the evening. Your carer would be able to help you with whatever you need during their working hours. Full Time carer is typically billed on an hourly rate, making it more financially manageable should you decrease or increase the hours.

We can also offer part time carers that can be on offer from a couple of home visits a week, to a few hours each day. Guardian cares understand that flexibility is key, as when recovering you may start off needing a full time carer then drop down to a part time carer as you recover, which is why all our carers whether they are live in or part time will have the same medical training. This is so when you want to reduce your care support you wont need to have a new carer, who will take time to get to know you and how you like things done.

Guardian Carers also specialised in bilingual help, so if English isn't your first language in your home, our consultants can speak over 15 different languages. We understand that speaking your native language brings comfort and ease to your relationship with your carer.

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