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Elderly Parents Care

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Elderly Parents Care

What should you look for in a carer for your elderly parents?

Finding a perfect carer for you or your loved one is stressful and time-consuming. Using an agency like Guardian Carers we can take that from you and provide you with a home carer that suits your requirements. Our experience consultant will understand what your needs and requirements are and what you are looking for in your ideal carer to help us tailor your search. When we hire our experienced carers there are some important qualities we look for in all our carers. We believe some of the many aspects good carer should have is being respectful, patient, reliable and qualified.

Our carers must be respectful, you may find yourself not being able to do everything you used to be able to do and people may start to treat you in a patronising way, we ensure our carers will treat you with the respect you deserve at all times.

A good carer must also be patient, with increasing age it can be frustrating when everyday tasks take longer than usual. It is important that your carer is patient and calm without getting annoyed or flustered.

A carer should be reliable, as your age or condition progresses you may need to start relying on your carer for more important aspects such as taking you to doctor’s appointments or medication dispensing. Your carer must ensure every duty is completed and they are done properly and on time.

Being observant is a key aspect of what makes a good carer. You or your loved one may not notice certain symptoms such as decreased appetite, mood changes or increased difficulty concentrating on particular things. However, it is up to your carer to notice these things and act accordingly. Along with being observant, your carer must also be compassionate. With you or your loved one starting to deteriorate, it can be a very emotional and scary time, having a carer there to support you and be there to pick you up on your bad days is very important.

What are the benefits of having Elderly Care

Home care for elderly parents allows your loved ones to remain in the comfort of their home, surrounded by their friends, family and memories. Having an elderly carer means your loved ones can be assisted in doing what they want to do and when they want to do it, instead of having to adjust to the schedules and routines of a care facility. Loss of independence is a huge worry for seniors when considering hiring help, with home care they are able to keep control over all aspects of their day to day life. Your elderly parents would also receive one on one care, in which their caregiver can focus all their attention and time on them, something that would not be possible in a care home.

Remaining in your home, in the community you love is the primary benefit of home care as their home is comfortable and familiar to them. They are able to sleep in their own bed, use their own bathroom and sit on their own sofa. It is important for someone who is battling Alzheimers or Dementia to remain in a familiar place for as long as possible.

Home care for elderly parents is also cost-effective and flexible. Guardian Carers offer a range of care options such as Full Time or Part Time care as well as either Live In or Live Out care. Live In care is the most comprehensive home care available before one must go into care or residential care, your loved one would receive 24-hour care 7 days a week. This is billed daily and is much cheaper than a care home. The rest of home care rates are charged by the hour, so there is a lot of flexibility as you can increase or decrease the hours.

Helping you in your home with the elderly parents

Our carers for elderly parents are able to help you with almost anything from wellbeing and health to household chores. Our carers will be a seamless addition to your daily life.

They will be able to assist you with:

  • Cleaning and tidying your home
  • Light gardening
  • Liaising with your doctors and family members
  • Home administration such as sorting out mail and bills
  • Organising activities with friends or family
  • Helping with a hobby such as a collection
  • Personal hygiene and grooming
  • Booking and taking you to doctor appointments
  • Running errands such as picking up the dry cleaning
  • Doing the laundry and ironing

With the demands of an ageing population and the growing number of illnesses that are affecting older people, elderly care support is becoming more popular as it gives you and your loved one a peace of mind, knowing they are in safe and able hands should anything go wrong.

With home care for elderly parents, they are able to remain in their homes around their pets, should you or your loved one have one. If you feel like you are unable to fully care for your beloved pets, your carer can help you by feeding and walking it or taking it to the vet when needed.

How to take care of elderly parents?

Discovering that you or your loved one requires help in their day to day routine, can be a difficult and upsetting time for families. It is important to establish what kind of care is best appropriate for your loved one. There is no one specific category of care that you would fit into, each individual is different and has disparate needs and requirements. As your loved one gets older and starts to struggle to do certain things on their own, you will need to consider care options for their future well being. There are adverse opinions on care homes, and many elderly people dread the thought of going into one and having to follow a strict schedule.

Before you get to the stage where a care home is the most appropriate course of action, there are many different types of care we provide. Guardian Carers offer comprehensive Live In care, with round the clock care. This tends to be the step before going into a care home. We also offer Full Time care that can be up 12 hours a day, to help you complete your day to day activities but without staying over during the night. There is Part Time care that is also available to those who maybe need a couple of hours a day to assist with certain activities or just to have a cup of tea with someone.

Carers for parents with hobbies and interests in common

Here at Guardian Carers we understand that the best caregivers for ageing parents are the ones that have similar attributes and hobbies. Your carer will spend a significant amount of time with you, it is vital you are paired with someone who you can spend quality time with, whether that is going to the theater together, playing Canasta or doing puzzles or gardening together.

When hiring a carer for elderly parents, you must go with your natural instincts. A carer you may think that is the perfect match for you on paper, may not be once you meet them in person. Caring is a very personal service, if you have doubts not ignore them. Which is why we give you the opportunity to interview each and every possible elderly carer, to enable you to get to know and scope out their personalities and traits. If a care position doesn’t work out, we will simply go back to the drawing board and start again.

Guardian Carers will help you every step of the way

Using home care for elderly parents like Guardian Carers take the hassle and time-consuming nature of resourcing potential carers. We bring them into the office for an in-depth face to face interview where experience and qualifications are discussed and we personally check all verbal references.

All our carers would have:

  • An enhanced DBS check
  • A First aid and Safeguarding qualification
  • Minimum of 3 years experience

Guardian Carers can provide you with interviewing tips and a list of potential questions you may want to ask to ensure you get everything you want out of the interview. We will book interviews for you at your convenience. We ask for your feedback after each interview so we can amend your search accordingly. Once you have chosen your carer we can guide you through all the paperwork required to hire a carer and can sign you up onto our payroll service.

Our consultants are on hand to help and answer any questions you might have along the way. Our consultants are experts in the field and can support you from all sides, they understand the importance of having a carer that best matches to you and your requirements.

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