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Coronavirus Carer

The coronavirus pandemic is leaving its mark on the world. The older population is the most vulnerable at this time. Guardian Carers’ top priority has always been your safety and security. We are keeping our promise. As always, our carers are thoroughly vetted. We have also implemented extra safety measures to ensure that care in your home is provided in the utmost safety.

Does the coronavirus affect having a carer at home?

We understand that you may have certain safety concerns in terms of receiving care at home, in light of the recent coronavirus pandemic. We endeavour to support you or your loved one in the best possible way we can.

It is understandable that safety is your main concern at the moment. In case your carer had to abandon their post or you have a family member who is in self-isolation, whose safety and security you are worried about, Guardian Carers can help you in providing a fully-qualified and vetted carer to look after them for a temporary period of time or for the long term. There is also the choice between choosing a live-in carer or a live-out carer.

We keep in close contact with our carers and have implemented extra safety measures to ensure they are aware of all the necessary coronavirus safety precautions, before going into any of our clients’ homes. Some of the things we check are:

  • If our carers have recently returned to the UK from one of the countries affected by the coronavirus
  • If our carers have been experiencing symptoms related to the coronavirus, such as high fever or dry cough
  • If our carers have been in direct contact with someone who has recently returned from one of the countries affected by the coronavirus
  • If our carers have been in direct contact with someone who has been diagnosed with the coronavirus, has self-isolated or who was showing symptoms, such as fever or dry cough

We’ve also made sure that all our carers have been notified of all the health and safety measures they should take and how to continue to deliver care, in spite of the coronavirus. Great stress has been put on increasing social distancing and limiting unnecessary social contact.

How can a carer care and protect me at home, in light of the coronavirus?

Our carers will firstly ensure that they are taking all the necessary health and safety precautions to protect themselves from the coronavirus, as instructed by the government and the NHS. By looking after their health, they will be able to ensure that they are safe to come into your home and provide for your care needs and requirements.

A carer will be there for you or your loved one, keeping a close eye on your health on a daily basis. Your family may be self-isolating, as per the government advice, in order to keep you safe. But having a carer at home will give them and yourself peace of mind that the situation is under control. A carer can:

  • Take your temperature daily
  • Help with administering medication
  • Make sure you get the right nutrition
  • Keep you hydrated throughout the day
  • Boost your immune system
  • Take you outside in the garden, if that is possible
  • Assist with mobility issues
  • Assist with any personal care needs
  • Ensure deliveries are delivered safety at your home (contact-free)
  • Keep your company
  • Help with any housekeeping tasks and disinfect contact surfaces daily

What health and safety measures are carers taking to protect themselves during the coronavirus pandemic?

We always make sure that we keep our carers updated. Especially now, due to the coronavirus pandemic, we have kept in contact with our carers even more, with any support or information they needed. They have been informed of the coronavirus health and safety precautions they should take in order to maintain their health.

Guardian Carers’ top priority is the safety and security of yourself and our carers. It has always been. We are monitoring the situation on a daily basis and are ready to update our carers of any changes they should be aware of.

Our carers are listening and enforcing the coronavirus advice given by the government and the NHS. They are:

  • Washing and sanitising their hands regularly throughout the day
  • Maintaining social distancing
  • Avoiding crowded areas such as malls, shops or restaurants
  • Avoiding travelling with public transportation
  • Avoiding unnecessary errands
  • Monitoring their temperature and daily health
  • Cleaning contact surfaces daily

Can a carer provide emotional support as the coronavirus unfolds?

Our carers are highly trained and experienced individuals who are used to working under pressure, with a wide range of clients. Our carers can be there for you or your loved one on a daily basis, for anything that you may need.

The coronavirus is something which affects all of us and we are all in this together. If you happen to feel stress or anxiety over this unprecedented situation, our carers can be there for you with reassurance and support, every step of the way.

The majority of our carers have gone on to form close relationships with their clients in the past, becoming really close friends. In some instances, our carers have even been able to lift their clients’ moods, where family members could not. With our carers, you can rest assured that you will have someone who you can rely on when times are tough, such as now, during the coronavirus pandemic.

Your carer can arrange for daily activities for you to do every single day to take your mind off of things. You can play a relaxing game of chess together, or even puzzles. You may enjoy a walk in the garden or a good chat over a cup of tea. Whatever you need, your carer will be right there for you, to provide all the support you need.

What are Guardian Carers’ vetting procedures for carers during the coronavirus pandemic?

Our vetting procedures have increased, as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. We screen our existing carers, as well as newly recruited carers, in order to ensure they don’t pose any safety risks to you.

Our vetting procedures include a thorough interview with the carers, where experience, qualifications and skills are discussed at large. We always request that our carers provide us with 2 references, which we then check verbally. We also assure you that all of our carers have an enhanced DBS check, also known as a Police check.

While our existing carers have all been interviewed by ourselves face to face, our new candidates are going through in-depth video interviews. This is to ensure their safety, as well as ours. By not asking them to travel unnecessarily, we limit their exposure to the coronavirus risks.

Nevertheless, we can assure you that all carers, whether old or new, have all been thoroughly vetted. Your safety and security remain our main priority.

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