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Palliative Care

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Palliative Care

What is Palliative Care?

Palliative Care is care that supports an individual and their family who are in the last months or years of their life. Private palliative care at home is for people who have an incurable illness, your carer is there to help live life as comfortable as possible by helping with pain management and other distressing symptoms. Our palliative carers will have the necessary medical training and they will work together with your doctor as specialists such as physiological or occupational therapists or chapins to provide the best care possible.

Palliative care may not be provided at the end of life, you may also receive palliative care earlier in your illness while undergoing other treatments. Palliative care can be offered as a private at home service, in a care home or provided in hospitals.

Our end of life carers will assure that you live life to the fullest until you pass away and do so with dignity. Our palliative carers will make it their mission to provide you with the highest quality of care and provide the necessary support for your family and friends who are important to you.

When does end of life care begin?

End of life care should begin when you need it, although it is not possible to be 100% accurate when predicting an individuals end of life, people are considered to be approaching end of life when they are likely to die within the next 12 months. Every individual is different, some can expect to die within the next few hours or receive care for many months, regardless of the time frame people can benefit from end of life care.

End of life care should be considered if one's death is imminent or people who have:

  • An advanced incurable disease such as cancer or motor neuron disease
  • Existing conditions that could result in a sudden death
  • Generally frail and existing conditions that could result in them dying in the near future

The different types of Palliative Care available

Guardian Carers offer a range of different types of palliative care services, as we understand each household and individual is different and require different levels of care. Guardian Carers acknowledges ones symptoms may rapidly progress and the hours of care may change to Full Time Live In care. Guardian cares can offer care in the form of Full Time or Part Time and either Live In or Live Out.

Live In care is the most comprehensive type of care, your end of life carer can be available round the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our private palliative carers would be medically trained to be able to provide you with every aspect of care needed when battling an incurable illness. Carefully chosen to have the correct qualifications and similar attributes your carer will be there to help you with your day to day activities.

Part Time carers can be available from a couple of hours a week, to a few hours a day. They can help you complete your day to day activities or there to exchange stories over a cup of tea. Respite palliative carers can also be available for when your current carer has time off or should they fall ill, you will never not have a palliative carer available to you.

Who are the palliative carers we employ?

Guardian Carers has been in the care industry for over a decade, we understand what it takes to ensure a happy, long lasting placement. Over time, we have perfected our vetting procedure. We have found that an in depth face to face interview to discuss each carers qualifications and experience is the best course of action as we are able to fully understand every task they have had to do and get a feel of their personality. We will obtain a minimum of two verbal references and personally check them.

Each of our carers must have the following:

  • An enhanced DBS check
  • First Aid certificate
  • Undergone a safeguarding course
  • Minimum of 3 years experience

Guardian Carers ensures each of our end of life carers have a minimum of 3 years experience to assure you or your loved one that you are in the most capable hands and should you have a fall or an emergency your carer will know exactly how to handle the situation.

Guardian carers look for the specific attributes that make up an excellent carer such as patience, observance, reliability and compassion. With palliative care it is an absolute must that a carer is compassionate. Showing concern for people around them and being sympathetic towards their needs helps them to provide the best care, making you comfortable in your own home. In addition, being empathetic helps a carer to better understand your needs in being able to understand and interpret your feelings and requests.

End of Life Carers near you

Guardian Carers offer flexible care service in locations throughout the UK, including in and around London as well as some other counties within the UK. With our vast range of service locations we can find you a private palliative carer that lives close to you to ensure they should never be late and can be there within a short period of time if needed. This allows you to stay in your home as your end of life carer can be as flexible as you need to work around your schedule and needs. Your safety and security are behind the driving forces of what we do, we have an extensive vetting procedure to ensure your carer is a positive and seamless addition to your home.

Palliative carers improving your quality of life

Having private palliative care at home, ensures you or your loved one is receiving one to one care, the carer’s only focus is on you and making sure you are as relaxed as possible. Palliative home care, allows your loved one to remain in their home, surrounded by the people they love. Your palliative carer would be there to assist you with whatever you need, their aim is to ensure you live the last stages of your life as well as possible. Your end of life carer is there to assist with:

1. Physical support

  • Pain management
  • Helping with day to day chores
  • Liaising with your doctors
  • Encourage a healthy lifestyle
  • Helping with mobility
  • Medication dispensing
  • Personal care and hygiene
  • Home admin

2. Emotional well being

  • Providing support to their loved ones
  • Accompanying them to psychological therapy
  • Visiting family members and friends
  • Being compassionate
  • Providing a shoulder to lean on during their bad days

Our private palliative carers are entirely flexible to your needs, there are they to provide you with one to one bespoke care. Your carer would never be annoyed or angry if you decide to change your daily activities and tasks, if you are having a bad day and don’t feel like doing anything your private palliative at home carer can take care of everything. Your carer can be a point of motivation should you wish, they can encourage you to take regular exercise or eat healthily.

Professionals working with Professionals

Our years of experience within the private live in care industry means we know what it takes to be a phenomenal carer, which is why all the live in carers we work with are the best in the industry. We pride ourselves on providing a premium level of service and care for our clients. We maintain the highest standards and expect the best from our carers.

The stages of finding you your perfect palliative carer

Firstly, you will receive a free consultation in which, our consultants can suggest what type of care would best suit you and your needs. During this consultation, they would understand what you like to do, your morals and interests to ensure we match you with a carer who has similar attributes to you.

Next, we will provide you with sample profiles of candidates we think will best be suited to you. We will arrange interviews for you at times that are most convenient to you. Guardian Carers can offer you interview tips and some key questions you may want to ask, to ensure you get the most out of your interview. After your interview, we will ask for your feedback to amend the search should you require.

Once you have found the nursing carer you like the most, we can offer you sample contracts and help you through all the paperwork required when hiring a carer such as hours and pay. We can also sign your up to our payroll service and HMRC.

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If you would like to know more about private palliative care at home, a detailed description of the types of end of life care for the elderly on offer or the carers we have available, please give us a call for a free consultation. Guardian Carers ethos is to make very placement a long lasting and happy one. We will work with you and your family to find solutions, whatever your needs.

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