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How to take care of elderly parents?

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How to take care of elderly parents?

Discovering that you or your loved one requires help in their day to day routine, can be a difficult and upsetting time for families. It is important to establish what kind of care is best appropriate for your loved one. There is no one specific category of care that you would fit into, each individual is different and has disparate needs and requirements. As your loved one gets older and starts to struggle to do certain things on their own, you will need to consider care options for their future well being. There are adverse opinions on care homes, and many elderly people dread the thought of going into one and having to follow a strict schedule.

Before you get to the stage where a care home is the most appropriate course of action, there are many different types of care we provide. Guardian Carers offer comprehensive Live In care, with round the clock care. This tends to be the step before going into a care home. We also offer Full Time care that can be up 12 hours a day, to help you complete your day to day activities but without staying over during the night. There is Part Time care that is also available to those who maybe need a couple of hours a day to assist with certain activities or just to have a cup of tea with someone.

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