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Alzheimer’s Care - What care can be given and how

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There are, in fact, a variety of Alzheimer's care options available to you. Our main priority is that you are happy, comfortable and feel in control when choosing the right care option for you. No matter which level of care you choose, all of our available options mean that you can stay in the familiar comfort of your own home.

Alzheimer’s care

You can choose to have a live-in carer for 24 hour access to support and knowledge from our professional and experienced staff. Our carers are incredibly knowledgeable and have years of experience working with those living with Alzheimer’s and dementia. We like to make sure that the care recipient has control over the decisions made during our detailed consultation process, including the input from their families, and we make sure that the carer we provide is a good match for you. Live-in care means you will have constant support and companionship in your home, including help with laundry, cooking, running errands and getting out for social events.

Live-out care, or home care, involves the same level of support from your carer but does not necessarily mean that they will live in your home with you. They can come to your home as much or as little as you like, helping you with day to day tasks.

Whether you want full-time or part-time care, our experienced carers specialise in working with those living with Alzheimer’s and they can help you to continue to live independently, in your own home. Nursing homes are certainly an option for some, but for many, it is preferred to remain in the place they have called home for years - it is, after all, a source of memories and a place of familiarity; both aspects are known to have a positive effect on those living with Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Alzheimer’s care

More Than Just A Carer

While Alzheimer’s can often be tough for those without family or friends around them, or even those with plenty of contacts and relationships, a carer means that you not only have the desired level of help, but also means that you gain a friend.

Our carers are matched to our care recipients after a lengthy and complex interview process, and we can make sure that hobbies or interests are shared. You can form a bond with your carer, adding to the quality time that you spend together, and helping you pursue interests that you wish to continue but may not have managed on your own.

A carer can ensure you still meet up with friends and get out of the house as much as you like. Whether you enjoy stamp collecting, theatre visits or going for a coffee, your carer can enable you to keep living your life to the full, with the added bonus of being knowledgeable about Alzheimer’s and the condition.

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