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Alzheimer’s in Home Care

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If you are a person living with Alzheimer’s, you may need extra assistance with certain aspects of daily living. A diagnosis of Alzheimer’s is life changing, and finding ways to get support with the changes that you are facing can be difficult.

Many people living with Alzheimer’s live alone very successfully for many years after diagnosis, however it is sensible to plan for the progression of your condition so that you will have peace of mind for your future.

Alzheimer’s in Home Care


As Alzheimer’s progresses, it will begin to cause changes in your thinking, which may make it difficult to make decisions or tackle your day-to-day needs. It would be a good idea to consider how you manage with meals, daily care and household tasks. Reputable organisations such as Guardian Carers can provide Alzheimer's in home care to help you take care of your needs.

You will no doubt want to remain in your own home, for many reasons. You will be comfortable and secure there, with your things around you and you will feel safe living in a familiar area that you recognise. For many people, continuing to live at home is a far more preferable option than moving to a hospital or care facility. There are many services that will be able to help you to remain at home, where you belong.

Home care is a primary option for you if you do wish to stay at home. There are different types of home care available, such as a companion service to accompany you to hobbies, or to visit for a cup of tea and chat. There are also personal care and home maker services, where a carer will come once or twice a day, to help you with bathing, dressing, eating and keeping your home clean. These services may be suitable at some stages of Alzheimer’s, however, it may become necessary for you to consider a more skilled care service.

Alzheimer’s in Home Care

Alzheimer’s in Home Care

Live in care is an increasingly popular choice for people living with Alzheimer’s and ensures that you are provided with a high level of 24 hour care to support you in every need. A live in carer will stay with you in your home full time, so if support is needed at any time of the day or night, there will always be someone available to offer assistance.

With live in home care, the carer is matched to ensure the utmost degree of compatibility. For example, they may share your interests or hobbies and can accompany you to social events so that you can carry on living a normal life. They will also help you with any pets you might have, your home and garden and can provide much-needed companionship - all things that are important to you now and in your future.

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