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Experiences with a live-in companion housekeeper: Interview with a family member

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Providing safety and companionship are the driving forces behind what we do here at Guardian Carers. Our live-in companion housekeepers are doing just that and more. A testament to this is our clients who benefit daily from our premium live-in companion housekeeper services.

Interview with a family member

Throughout our years in the care industry, we have developed and perfected comprehensive and detailed vetting procedures. This thorough process ensures that every live-in companion housekeeper is a positive and seamless addition to any of our clients’ homes.

All our candidates are interviewed one on one, either face to face or currently via video call, by our expert care consultants. We pride ourselves in providing our clients with the highest calibre of live-in companion housekeepers, therefore we always ensure to verbally check references for each candidate.

More than this, our clients know that they are always in safe hands as we can make sure that the candidates we send through possess a First Aid certificate. Our experts also perform an enhanced DBS check, also known as a Police check, to ensure that each candidate has a clean record.

Though we are very selective with the candidates we register, always ensuring that they have a minimum of two years of professional experience in the care field, we also specialise in creating the perfect matches between clients and live-in companion housekeepers. In doing this, we ensure that the candidates we pick have similar, if not the same interests and hobbies as their prospective clients.

Our client Charlotte, 37, has found the perfect match for her mum, Ella, 61, one year ago when she interviewed Ana in her home. Charlotte knew exactly what she was looking for, as her mum had had a live-in companion housekeeper before, who sadly had to relocate back to her country.

Charlotte was very determined to find a live-in companion housekeeper who could live up to the expectations raised by the previous hire they had. “Guardian Carers was recommended to me by a family friend whose father has 24-hour dementia care. She told me how pleased they were with the care and the services they were receiving, so it was a no brainer that I had to look into it myself!”

Charlotte remembers she spoke to one of our fantastic care consultants, Emma, who was keen to find Charlotte the perfect live-in companion housekeeper for her mum. “Emma was absolutely lovely! She was patient with me and was careful to get all my thorough specifications. As my mum already had a live-in companion housekeeper in the past, whom we adored, I was a little anxious about the new search but Emma managed to put me at ease, especially when she showed me the candidate profiles.”

She had three interviews, the last one being with Ana. “All the interviews were great! But none of the other two could compare to Ana! I knew I had to hire her on the spot. It was the best decision for my mum.”

Charlotte’s mum has early-stage dementia and she wanted to find her a live-in companion housekeeper with the necessary experience. Ana has over 14 years of experience working with people suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s. “My mum is still able to do most things for herself but she needs someone to be with her at all times. Her memory is slowly slipping away and we know that she will need advanced care in the future.”

Companionship was one of the main elements that Charlotte was looking for. “My family and I live in central London and my mum lives on her own, a 2-hour drive away. Due to her dementia, she often gets lonely and having someone to keep her company and help with maintaining the home was paramount.”

The experience of having a live-in companion housekeeper from Guardian Carers has greatly improved Ella’s quality of life. “Ana is well-experienced with people with dementia and she knows precisely what to do to keep my mum engaged and entertained.”

Ana helps Ella with everything she needs doing around the home, such as “changing the bed linen, doing the laundry, organising the wardrobes, doing the mopping and hoovering, polishing the silverware. She loves gardening too, which is fantastic as my mum is very enthusiastic about gardening too”, says Charlotte.

“I’m extremely pleased with our experience with Guardian Carers so far. Ana has considerably improved my mum’s overall well-being. She makes sure that she keeps active each day by doing 20 minutes of light exercise. They take daily walks through the park together and in the summer Ana encourages her to swim in our pool”, says Charlotte.

Having a live-in companion housekeeper has proved to be a beneficial experience to Charlotte’s mum, as her nutrition has also improved. “Ana is very interested in nutrition and healthy eating which she transposed in my mum’s daily meal plan. She makes sure to introduce vegetables to every meal and ensures that my mum eats at least one fruit per day. Her cooking is absolutely delicious and she has a great knowledge of international cuisines.”

Our live-in companion housekeepers can make everyday life easier and stress-free, just as they do with our lovely client Ella. Here at Guardian Carers, we provide experienced and trustworthy live-in companion housekeepers to those who find themselves needing additional support to ease a load of daily tasks, allowing more time for relaxation and enjoyment.

We specialise in maintaining people’s independence in the comfort of their homes. If you have a parent who requires companionship and care, a live-in companion housekeeper may be just what they need. You should look no further than Guardian Carers, as we are experts in our field.

To learn more about our live-in companion housekeeper service, we invite you to browse our care brochure or speak directly to one of our specialist care consultants on 0207 183 1395. We are here to help - no matter the needs.

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