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Elderly companions - what can a day with a companion look like

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Elderly companion care is a unique form of long-term care, focused on providing the elderly with emotional support and friendship, as well as practical help with everyday activities. Elderly companions are popular among those who wish to remain in the comfort of their home while maintaining their independence and remaining socially active.

Simply put, elderly companions are there to offer you companionship. They are a good conversation partner and are there to offer you the support you need. They look after both your physical and mental health and are truly the partner you need.

Elderly companions are the partner you need. They will be there for you to keep you active and engaged. Elderly companions will be almost like a friend to you and they will be there to join you in whatever activity you like doing. Whether you enjoy a game of puzzle, cards or Scrabble or want to keep active by going on daily walks.

An elderly companion can be hired on a short-term or long-term basis. They can either just come to spend time with you once a week for a few hours or they can be there for you full-time. You should know that elderly companions can also be hired on a live-in basis. This offers them a more hands-on approach to you and your personal needs.

While an elderly companion will be there to keep you company and engage in any activities you like, you should also know that they can assist with various other household tasks. They can organise your home, do the laundry, prepare meals or pick up prescriptions, just to name a few.

Elderly companions

What can a day with a companion look like?

A day with a companion will be an easy and truly enjoyable day. Having a companion is not just having someone come to spend some time with you and then forget about you. A companion does not look at their position as work. They genuinely care and enjoy spending time with you.

This is why when we choose an elderly companion for any one of our clients at Guardian Carers we make sure that they are the perfect fit for each other. They need to have a genuine passion for caring and spending time with others.

We take great care to ensure that the companion’s personality is a good personality match for our clients. We also look at the companion’s hobbies and interests, as they should be in line with what our clients are interested in as well.

A typical day with an elderly companion would consist of doing your favourite activities and getting the support you need around the home. For instance, if you would have a full-time companion, a day would look like this...

Your companion will arrive at your home, greet you with a smile or a warm embrace and be ready to join you in your morning routine. They will prepare breakfast for you and a fresh cup of coffee or tea.

Your companion will join you as you have your breakfast and engage in interesting conversation with you. You may discuss the latest news, as you read the newspaper or talk about any exciting upcoming events, for example.

Once breakfast is done your companion will tidy and organise the kitchen, making sure everything is where it needs to be. At this point they may get on with any household chores you need taken care of such as vacuuming, dusting, changing bed linen, doing the laundry, watering the plants or gardening.

Your companion could also do the food shopping for you or, if you prefer to join them, you can do it together. They will run errands for you such as picking up prescriptions, going to the bank, sorting mail or answering emails.

Whenever you are ready to go outside for a walk or to go shopping, your companion will join you. They will accompany you on any trips you need them. If you feel like going to feed the ducks in the park, they will be there for you.

As stated above, your companion is more than just their job status - they can be considered a friend. They will accompany you on any things or activities you may want to do while they are with you. For instance, if you love the arts they will spend the afternoon with you walking through museums or galleries or even going to catch a lovely play.

Of course, a lovely lunch will be prepared by your companion, cooked with care and knowledge of your likes and dislikes. While you enjoy your lunch they can either go take care of other household duties, shall you need to. Otherwise, they can join you for lunch.

The rest of your day with your companion may consist of doing other activities that you like, such as arts and crafts or playing games such as puzzles, Scrabble or cards. You can even take up some physical exercise. Your companion will be there to support you with exercising, running or doing any other sports activities that you enjoy.

This is one of the great things about having a companion - they will encourage you day by day to live a healthy and active life. Having a companion will certainly improve your quality of life and help you to maintain your independence for as long as possible.

Before your companion leaves your home for the day, they will prepare you a delicious dinner as well, if you wish. They can stay to enjoy dinner with you, while having a good conversation over a glass of wine.

This is only one scenario of what a day with a companion can be like. If you would like to find yourself an elderly companion, you can get in touch with our specialist care team on 0207 183 1395. Our elderly companions can be hired on a live-in, live-out, full-time or part-time basis.

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