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Dementia Care Plan

When anyone is living with dementia or Alzheimer’s, a care plan can ease the stress of taking care of everyday tasks. Allowing those who are living with dementia to stay in their own home is far more appealing to them, but this can sometimes be a source of worry for them and those who care about them.

Engaging qualified live in or home care as part of a dementia care plan can be the solution that means everyone involved is as comfortable as possible. With a premium home care service, the help provided can range from housekeeping to nursing, which can give family members a break while allowing the care recipient to continue enjoying living in their own home and being reassured by familiar surroundings.

Dementia Care Plan

Care Options

In arranging extra help as part of a dementia care plan, there are a number of options available, from someone who simply comes in to look after the house and garden, to a carer who routinely drops in to check on the well-being of the person living with dementia or someone who lives in the home to provide full or part time care for them.

Whether additional support is provided by someone living in the home or coming by regularly, they can assist with essential tasks such as shopping and preparing meals, keeping the home tidy, ensuring necessary tasks such as putting out the rubbish are done and making sure that the care recipient is happy and well cared for. Those providing care can also offer companionship, support hobbies, organise days out and ensure that a fulfilling social life is maintained.

The important thing is to get the right kind of help and to select a reputable agency that can supply trustworthy and suitably qualified staff who are trained to understand the needs of those living with dementia and ensure that they are receiving everything that they need to feel safe and secure.

Dementia Care Plan

Securing the Right Carer

A reputable agency will have staff with qualifications and references. Specialists such as Guardian Carers will ensure that they are not only highly competent but have the patience and empathy to give someone living with dementia the care and understanding that they require in order to carry on living in their own home and continue to enjoy at least some of their regular activities and hobbies.

Even those who are living with advanced dementia can benefit from live in care, enabling them to remain at home rather than relocating to the alien environment of a residential care facility or nursing home. Remaining in a familiar environment can help to ensure that those living with dementia are happier, more secure and can continue to enjoy as much of their life as possible, even in the later stages.

By using a reliable agency with a proven track record, you can benefit from their expertise and from the fully screened, experienced staff they have on their books, choosing a carer that will suit the recipient and their lifestyle. Every situation is different and a good agency will ensure you connect with the right carer.

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