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Discharging Elderly Patients From Hospital - what you can expect from a comprehensive care package

Discharging elderly patients from hospital often involves new medications to be taken home, follow up appointments to remember, even transport considerations.

It can bring about numerous worries for the patient, whether it be about your recovery time or what sort of changes you may need to make. Many people may also have concerns about becoming isolated or not being able to manage at home. A range of every day activities that we take for granted may also be affected, such as bathing, running errands, even your favourite hobby.

Guardian Carers' comprehensive range of services and highly skilled carers are able to make this a far less stressful experience when discharging elderly patients from hospital.

Discharging elderly patients

Being carefully matched with your live in carer, you can rest assured that he/she will be an experienced carer, able to speak with your doctor, managing the discharge process and getting you back home safely. Your carer will also be able to adapt with you during your recovery period once home. This includes any permanent changes that may need to be made following your discharge.

A live in carer will not only provide you with high quality 24 hour care, but you will also find a caring companion who will support you.

Discharging elderly patients from hospital involves a number of health care professionals in the process. Ultimately it is for the doctor to decide whether you are well enough to be discharged. If you have any new or temporary needs, these can be co ordinated by the hospital staff to ensure everything is ready for when you return home. They may include, for example, the addition of grab rails in the bathroom or a hoist to help you in and out of bed.

Discharging elderly patients

Your live in carer will be able to not only help you in using any new equipment but will also make sure you are able to continue enjoying life to the fullest. You may find that you have new or changed medications on leaving hospital and it isn't always easy to remember everything that is said in one conversation. Your carer can help you understand any new routine with medications safely.

Getting home can be of real concern to some, especially those living on their own. Part of the live in carer's duties can include running errands and attending appointments, ensuring safe travel. Your carer will thus be on hand to assist with your return home and the convalescence time, making it as stress-free as possible.

There is a lot to remember and think about when returning home after a short or long stay in hospital. Your carer will be the dependable companion who helps you through and continues the day to day running of things while you can concentrate on feeling better.

You and your family can enjoy complete peace of mind, knowing that your Guardian Carer can offer support, practical assistance and companionship throughout what can be a difficult time.

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