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Filipino carer wanted

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British, European and Filipino carers can make all the difference when you need some help. A full time live in carer, whether temporary or more permanent, is a logical and attractive alternative to moving into a care home.

If you need help with personal care and housework, moving to a care home is one option, but there are others. Many people just like you find that whether the support needed is either temporary, perhaps while you are recovering from an illness or operation, or needed for the longer term, live in care is the perfect solution.

Filipino carers wanted

The advantages of employing a live in carer

Home is where the heart is, and it’s only natural you would prefer to stay in the place that is full of both your treasured memories, and familiar possessions. Your home is a place of comfort, and with the help of a live in carer, you can continue to sleep in your own bed, keep your much-loved pet(s) and enjoy the space, independence and privacy you are used to. You make the rules, go to bed and get up when you like, and eat what you want, when you feel hungry.

Peace of mind is something both you and your family gain when your care and domestic needs are taken care of. Plus, of course there’s someone around in case you need help at any time, and you will never need to feel lonely or isolated. Knowing there’s a consistent level of support on hand is a huge relief for everyone, and it means you can get on with day to day living with confidence.

What do live in carers do?

A good live in carer plays three key roles: personal care, domestic support, and companionship. Of course, the tasks you assign to them are based on your particular wants and needs, and carers will always fit into your routines rather than make you fit into theirs, as care homes have to do to run smoothly.

Typical tasks a live in carer can do:

  • gardening
  • caring for pets
  • general cleaning duties e.g. vacuuming, dusting
  • washing and ironing
  • food or other shopping
  • preparing and/or cooking meals
  • helping you to bathe, clean your teeth, and get dressed, as needed
  • organising social activities and visits
  • accompanying you to social events and general appointments
  • general companionship
Filipino carer wanted

How to find a good live in carer

As a live in carer needs to fulfill several roles, it is obviously very important to find someone who is not just competent and caring but also trustworthy and personable. Finding the right person can take a while; so many people choose to use the services of reputable firms such as Guardian Carers, who are specialists in the field of recruiting and training live in care workers. You can be confident that experts will select the best possible carer for you, from staff who are fully vetted, trained and experienced.

They can arrange carers with additional language skills, if necessary. Foreign carers always have excellent English, with, in many cases a Filipino carer wanted due to their caring and unassuming approach.

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