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When you have decided that home care is the right option for you, you might be wondering how do I find a carer? The importance of being able to build a strong and trustworthy relationship with your carer is key to you maintaining your independence, your health and quality of life. The following is an easy and simple breakdown of things to think about and consider when you choose to find a carer.

Your Needs

First of all, take some time to have a think about what is it that you want from your home care service. You might want to discuss this with your family. This will help you to choose the type of care you require, and from there you can choose the right individual carer. For example, are there particular times of the day that you need help? Getting up, or to bed, or out and about. What is it that you need the most help with? What would you want them to do for you and around your home? Is it household chores, or more personal care. Perhaps there are medical issues to consider.

How flexible are you with regards to your care? For example, for those living with dementia or Alzheimer’s, it is always better to maintain consistency with care, for whom a regular, familiar face would be the most comfortable option. Are your care needs ongoing, or would you require care only for a fixed amount of time? Perhaps you are recovering from surgery, and only need care while you heal.

With all of this in mind, you can decide if you need live in or live out care, part-time care, a housekeeper and cook, or is it more of a companion housekeeper that you need? With varying types of care available, your care can be personalised to perfectly suit you and your needs.

Find a Carer


Honesty is key. If you can be honest about what you need, then the right selection of carers can be identified for you to choose from. With honesty, the carer themselves can be sure that they can provide exactly what you need. This way, the right matches can be made, and you can find a carer that suits your needs, your lifestyle and - most importantly - your personality. You and your carer will be embarking on a personal relationship, one that is both professional yet intimate. You should feel that you trust them. Through this trust you can develop a long-term relationship with your carer.


It is important to consider the work that the carer has done before they come to you. What is their experience? Ideally, they should have extensive experience in working with a care recipient with similar needs to yourself. Perhaps your potential carer has relevant qualifications. Your new carer might have a diploma in Health and Social Care. If they trained before 2010, their qualifications will be NVQ's. Other skills, training and previous experience to consider might be the lifting of recipients, or specific experience in caring for someone who has had a stroke, or who has diabetes.

Nursing qualifications are particularly useful if you are living with dementia, living with Alzheimer’s, if you are recovering from an operation, or if you have a long-term illness. A carer with nursing qualifications will be able to deal with more medically technical needs. For example, ventilation monitoring, or be able to handle catheters, stoma's, or tracheostomies.

It would be a good idea to have a trial period with your new carer. This way you can see how you both get on and how you bond. A trial period will allow you to get to know your carer, and vice versa. You should be able to see how passionate they are about their role, whether they are genuinely supportive and that above all, they care about you and your needs. Perhaps you might find that you have shared interests. Ask about their hobbies, and encourage them to join in with yours. Rest assured, if you change your mind and want to try another applicant carer, then this is absolutely fine. You should have control as to who is coming into your home and your life.

Here at Guardian Carers, we offer you the opportunity to interview your potential new carer yourself, or with the help of your family or loved ones. All the carers from Guardian Carer are highly skilled and experienced, and only the very best will be presented to you. Guardian Carers will help and guide you every step of the way, to help you find the carer who perfectly suits your specific needs and personality.

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