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Finding a care providers agency - a brief guide

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There are many different agencies out there offering specialised services. Guardian Carers are able to provide a comprehensive care package including nursing and live in carers. All are highly trained and motivated to give you the best possible care.

Some providers may offer general care, whereas others may specialise in dementia care or working with those who have challenging behaviours. If you are not familiar with the industry jargon or are new to the idea of having a carer, you may have some questions or concerns.

Finding a care providers agency

A brief guide here includes some of the important things to consider before making a choice:


Your budget is an important factor. You must remember to take into account how long you may need care for. It may be for a short recovery period or you may be looking for a long-term solution. It is best to base your budget on your average outgoings, this will allow for any unexpected bills. Savings and pension funds may also be considered, you may also want to look into any benefits you could be entitled to when considering your budget.

What Matters to You?

Many of us are used to and look forward to our daily routines. To some, a set routine is essential to managing daily life. Finding a carer to fit in around your needs can sometimes be difficult. You may also prefer an agency that is able to provide, for example, a non smoker or a male/female only carer. You may also want the reassurance that you will have the same regular carer. Depending on your requirements, this may limit the number of agencies you can pick from.

Finding a care providers agency


Reviews/testimonials - word of mouth, hearing first hand experienced from others can be a really valuable source of good information. Ask around people you know or other service users, find out what their experiences are. You can also find independent unbiased reviews and ratings on the internet which may prove useful.

Once you have decided what exactly you want and need from a care providers agency, put together a shortlist, this will make it easier to identify the right firm. Established companies such as Guardian Carers will have their own websites where you can find useful information and find details of what's on offer. Contact information is usually provided for any other questions you may have.

Other information you also may want to take into account may include:

DBS checks. All care workers should have a DBS check as they are working with potentially vulnerable clients. Experienced and qualified staff are preferable. Check for memberships of any governing bodies; most are voluntary rather than compulsory. You should expect any reputable and responsible agency to have an established training and accreditation process in place for staff.

Guardian Carers are able to provide a comprehensive and reliable care package including nursing care, live in or drop in carers. All this is provided by dedicated and skilled staff members, helping you through every step of the journey.

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