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What home care support is available for the elderly?

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Nowadays there are many home care options available for the elderly - all designed to support independent living at home. Home care for the elderly allows you to remain in your home for as long as possible.

Home care support proves to be the ideal choice for the elderly nowadays, as many choose to have a care package secured, way before the need for long-term care. Many enjoy the fact that they can have a helping hand around the home.

What makes home care such an ideal option for the elderly is that it is completely customisable to their own needs and requirements. Home care can be arranged on a live-in or live-out basis and on a part-time or full-time schedule, depending on how much support you need. Of course, this can be adjusted along the way.

In this article, you will learn what home care support is available for you, how home carers can support you at home and how to make the best decision for your short-term or long-term home care needs.

How to Choose a Home Carer

Home care options

As stated above, home care can be completely customisable to your own needs and requirements. Opting for home care does not mean that you are giving up your independence - on the contrary, a home carer will support you in maintaining your independence for as long as possible while remaining in the home you love and cherish.

Home care is there to ensure that your life continues to run as smoothly as possible by simply offering you a helping hand where you need one. For instance, you can start off with a home carer for a few hours per week, on a part-time basis. If and when your needs evolve, you can progress to full-time care or 24-hour live-in care.

Home care aims to support you to enjoy the same lifestyle no matter what challenges you are facing. Your home care package will be customised based on any condition or illness you may have. Some examples of available home care support are dementia care, Parkinson’s care or spinal injury care.

More than this, home care is a great option if you have recently been discharged from the hospital following an operation, for example. In this case, home care will enable you to get back on your feet in no time.

Home care support from a carer

Home care is completely customisable to your specific needs and requirements. If you decide to go down the agency route, which will ensure that you receive support throughout the process, you will receive a bespoke home care package.

Carers can support you with a variety of care tasks, such as personal care, toileting, showering, dressing and undressing, assist with medication administration, assist with mobility assistance, accompany to appointments, liaise with doctors and more.

While carers will be there to look after your general health and care needs, they will also ensure that other household needs are taken care of, relieving you of this burden and allowing you to focus on yourself.

They will support with a range of housekeeping duties such as dusting, hoovering, mopping, doing the laundry, changing the bed linen and more. They will also cook delicious and nutritious meals and prepare any snacks and refreshments you will need throughout the day.

Deciding on home care support

Our advice when deciding on home care support is to choose a trustworthy care agency which can assist you in making the right choice for your care needs. Here at Guardian Carers, we believe that there is no place like home when recovering or going through age-related changes.

Our carers can support you with a wide range of duties while focusing on your health and wellbeing. In working to discover the best home care option for you, you will be assigned a personal care consultant who will be there for you every step of the way and strive to find you the carer who will match you perfectly.

Guardian Carers will offer you peace of mind knowing that you are in the safe, dedicated hands of professionals. We conduct strict vetting procedures to ensure you only get the best of the best for your home care.

Our carers go through a thorough interview, where their experience and qualifications are discussed at length. Our consultants verify their references verbally and also conduct an enhanced DBS check, also known as a Police check.

Starting your home care journey

If you would like to start your home care journey and thus maintain your independence at home, then Guardian Carers can support you in doing so. With an experience of over 15 years in the domestic staffing industry, our expert consultants will ensure that you benefit from the premium home care services you deserve.

From your first call, you will be assigned a personal consultant who will discover all your needs and requirements. They will then start the search for you, sending you suitable carer profiles for you to choose from. A key factor of choosing Guardian Carers is that you have the choice to interview the carers as well, so you can decide for yourself if they are meant for you.

With us, you do not have to do anything apart from communicating with your personal consultant, as they will be the ones to deal with all the paperwork. After you have made your decision, you will start benefiting from the best care services in the business.

If you choose a permanent home care placement, you will also benefit from a 6-month replacement guarantee as well as a free payroll service for the first 6 months. More than this, your personal consultant will keep in touch with you even after your carer has started supporting you in your home.

If you would like to know more about home care support in your home, you can get in touch with one of our expert consultants on 0207 183 1395 or fill-out the enquiry form on our website.

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