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Home help for elderly parents

When you notice that your elderly parent isn’t quite as steady on their feet as they used to be, you’re bound to be worried. What will happen if they trip and fall, and nobody is around to hear them call for help? Who will help them to open that impossibly tight jar lid when they’re alone in their house or flat? And who will help them with the household chores when they’re struggling to cope?

In our fast-paced digital world, the majority of us have homes of our own to run, families to manage and jobs to hold down. It isn’t always convenient, or even possible, to drop everything to help a parent who is in need of a helping hand. And yet none of us wants to see our beloved parents alone and struggling.

Home help

In the past, one of the most popular solutions to this type of problem was to look out for a place in a suitable care home, where your parent would be offered a room and board alongside other people of a similar age. But there’s been so much bad press about residential care homes in recent years that many older people are emphatic that they won’t entertain such a solution. Indeed, why should an older person need to give up their home and familiar surroundings to move to somewhere new? When all your treasures and memories are based in the home that you’ve lived in for so long, it can be too much of a wrench to part with belongings and downsize into a residential unit.

Luckily, nowadays there’s an alternative solution, and one that’s guaranteed to please every member of the family. Home help for elderly parents can now be sourced that conforms to a completely new model, and best of all, it allows your loved one to remain in their own familiar home.

This is home help for the 21st Century: a dedicated carer comes to your loved one’s home and provides a range of services, all designed to promote your parent’s independence. The duties that the caregiver will perform vary according to their client’s needs, but usually take the form of companionship and housework. So rather than experience a never-ending sea of changing faces, your parent can form an ongoing relationship with one single carer.

Home help

Hope help for elderly parents comes in all sorts of forms whether that be a live-in housekeeper, a part-time carer or a full-time companion. Once your parent’s needs have been assessed, an appropriate carer will be sourced, with an emphasis on ensuring that both the carer and your loved one have hobbies or interests in common so they’ll quickly form a good relationship.

A schedule of daily tasks will be drawn up, and the carer will either move in with your loved one, or visit according to a schedule, performing a range of duties to ensure that your loved one is safe and comfortable at all times.

The result is a happy and contented parent, while you and the rest of the family can relax and breathe a little easier, knowing that your loved one is being looked after.

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