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How much does a carer cost?

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When asking 'how much do carers cost?', it is important to look at alternative options to residential care, which can incur some high costs.

One of the first questions that people often ask when looking at care options is 'how much do carers cost?'. Of course, costs vary depending on who and what you pay for, however the costs don’t need to be as high as you might originally have thought. There are plenty of variations of care that don’t necessarily mean living in a residential care home, sacrificing your way of life or losing your independence. In-home care providers such as Guardian Care can provide care solutions throughout the UK and are able to provide a number of tailored options to suit you.

How much do carers cost?

A live-in carer, despite providing you with round the clock care, is likely to be more affordable than a residential or nursing home option. Whereas in a residential or nursing home you are paying for complete care, staff, accommodation, facilities to name but a few, with a live-in carer a lot of these amenities are being provided by you through the use of your home, bringing the overall cost down.

As you are able to pick and choose which activities or household chores you would like help with, this also keeps the cost down, rather than having to opt into a ‘whole package’ of care. With a live-out carer, once again you are only receiving care for selected activities with which you specifically require assistance, so you aren’t paying for full time care or a nursing service. You are visited each day by a carer who helps you with tasks throughout the day.

This could be on a full time or part time basis. Part time care allows you to receive exactly the service that you require and need. It can provide you with that little bit of extra help so that you feel in control. It could be help in your home with your chosen chores or activities, or simply a familiar face to help you get to an appointment on time.

Another option may be housekeeper/cook care which provides you with an extra pair of hands around the home, allowing you to maintain control of your life and not feel overwhelmed by some tasks that you may be finding more difficult to complete on a regular basis. A housekeeper will visit you in your own home and help you complete your chores, getting them done to your liking. As there is also the option of live-in or live-out housekeeper care, this is a much more cost effective way of providing care in your own home as opposed to full time residential care.

How much do carers cost?

So when considering the question ‘how much do carers cost?’ you must look at the wide range of alternatives to full time residential care available to everyone, including the elderly and people living with dementia and Alzheimer’s. There are so many tailored options to suit your needs that the costs can vary greatly but are almost invariably considerably less than those of a nursing home or residential care.

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