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How much does a carer cost per hour

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There are lots of care options available for people who need some help and support with daily activities, either simply because they are getting a little older, or perhaps due to illness, long-term ill health, or a disability. Short-term care solutions can include spending time in a respite facility, while a residential care or nursing home is often suggested if long-term care is needed.

What many people fail to realise is that there’s another option too - home care. Not only does this give you more independence and flexibility with daily living, but it is also more cost effective.

How much does a carer cost per hour

What does home care involve?

As the term suggests, home care describes a situation in which you stay in your own home, and your care needs are met by professional, trained care givers. This is a flexible service, so, for example, you can choose to have a carer who lives in, or someone who lives out, depending on your needs and circumstances.

Either way, you will have dedicated support and assistance with personal care, domestic tasks and social activities as part of a care plan created especially to reflect what you want and need. Your carer will be able to take care of tasks including:

  • Helping with your personal care, such as bathing, dressing, dental hygiene, nail care and hair styling
  • Carrying out domestic chores including general tidying, vacuuming, dusting, washing and ironing, changing bed linen, washing windows, cleaning the kitchen and bathroom, washing dishes, preparing and cooking meals, and so on.
  • Meeting social needs such as taking you to interesting activities, to the library, to visit friends, or to the cinema, shops, bank or hairdressers; as well as supporting your hobbies and interests whether they are playing cards, baking, painting or anything else.
  • Covering other regular household tasks including gardening, grocery shopping, and admin activities such as paying bills.

As you can see, carers provide a comprehensive support service, and you are free to choose whichever you feel would be helpful to you.

How much does a carer cost per hour

The advantages of home care

Regardless as to how spacious their rooms are, or how extensive their menus may be, no residential care home can ever compare with being able to stay in your comfortable and much loved home, surrounded by both the things and the memories which mean so much to you. With the right carers, this is a reasonable option for many people and it’s not beyond the budget either.

You may ask yourself how much does a carer cost per hour? Check it out; compared to other forms of care, it is significantly more cost-effective. Plus there are various types of care packages on offer from established and professional agencies such as Guardian Carers. Naturally, live out carers are generally a cheaper option than someone who lives with you 24/7.

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