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Before considering a role as a carer, It is highly important to make sure you are prepared and have certain personality traits to become an excellent and well-performed caregiver. A carer would have many attributes such as being reliable, patient, passionate and the ability to multitask. You are bound to find yourself in a wide range of situations, and knowing how to cope and manage these situations is an important quality.

Every carer will react differently depending on the situation, which means they will be dealt with in a variety of ways. Knowing how and when to react in emergency situations is crucial, but it is also important for you personally to know how to cope when a situation does come about. For example, if the person you are caring for has had a fall, then as a carer you will need to be aware of how to position yourself and lift them up, without injuring yourself.

If the care recipient is living with conditions such as dementia, then knowing how to manage mood swings and changes in behaviour is an important trait to have. Before taking on the role, you will need to think about whether or not you will be able to cope with this, and know how to communicate with them as their mood deteriorates.

Holding your ground and knowing how to cope with the challenges that can come with caring for someone with dementia is essential. But it is also important that you do not forget your own health and wellbeing also. Make sure you do not work on your breaks, for you own emotional state you need to make sure you take the breaks you are entitled to. Every individual is different, so some may need longer breaks than others.

No matter when, take the time to ensure your health is well looked after.

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