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How to find the right live-in companion housekeeper for you or your family member - 10 things to ask in an interview

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Live-in companion housekeepers provide assistance around the home as well as with one’s daily life and activities to improve quality of life while remaining in the home they love. Our live-in companion housekeepers are on hand when and as you or your family member may require, relieving the pressure of daily life and offering a helping hand around the house.

Guardian Carers are experts in providing people with premium live-in companion housekeeper services. By getting to know you, we will get to know your needs and specific requirements. Our goal is to enhance our clients’ independence and to improve their quality of life.

How Guardian Carers can find the right live-in companion housekeeper

Through our expert service, we will help you find the right live-in companion housekeeper for you or your family member. All our candidates are interviewed one on one by our expert consultants. We pride ourselves in always scouting the highest calibre live-in companion housekeepers, therefore we make sure to verbally check references for each candidate.

If requested, we can ensure that candidates hold a First Aid certificate as well as any care qualifications, diplomas and necessary experience. As a promise to excellence, we only recruit candidates with a minimum of two years of professional experience in the care field. More than this, all our candidates go through an enhanced DBS check which ensures that they are safe to work in your home or your family member’s home.

In your quest to find the right live-in companion housekeeper for you or your family member you will be supported by Guardian Carers every step of the way. In our initial call, your personal consultant will find out all the needs and requirements as well as medical needs, hobbies, interests or anything else you think we should know.

After finding out all the necessary information your personal consultant will recruit candidates, especially for the role. They will conduct thorough interviews with the candidates, where they go through their experience and qualifications. Afterwards, they will send you candidate profiles which match your requirements.

After making your selection, you will get the chance to interview them yourself. You can do this either face to face or via a video call. Your personal consultant will set up these interviews for you and will offer you advice and tips about what to ask in your interviews.

How to find the right live-in companion housekeeper

10 things to ask in an interview

  1. What do you enjoy most about caring?
  2. What qualities do you think are important to have as a live-in companion housekeeper and why?
  3. What do you feel is the most difficult aspect of caring?
  4. Tell me about yourself. What hobbies and interests do you have?
  5. Describe yourself. Do you believe you are punctual/ reliable, for instance?
  6. What activities do you enjoy doing with your employer?
  7. Ask the candidate if they have experience in specific skills you require of them. For example, if you have a parent who has dementia, ask the candidate if they have experience in this field.
  8. What do you think is important in my/ the care receiver’s diet? How would you plan their meals and what would you cook?
  9. How would you react in an emergency? Have you ever been in such a situation with a client?
  10. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Asking this question will enable you to see if the candidate is right for your live-in companion housekeeper position.

Hiring the right live-in companion housekeeper

We are sure that by asking these questions you will have a successful interview process and would be able to make an informed decision on who is the right live-in companion housekeeper candidate for you or your family member. If you loved a candidate, in particular, be sure to let your personal consultant know! They will be able to arrange a second interview if you wish and communicate with the other candidates.

If your selected candidate made the right impression since your initial interview, then your personal consultant will confirm the employment with your chosen live-in companion housekeeper.

You will feel safe in the knowledge that every live-in companion housekeeper hire with Guardian Carers comes with a 6-month guarantee. This means that your live-in companion housekeeper will have a probationary period in their contract and we will be there if you feel you need to find someone else in the first six months of employment.

Our processes are in place to ensure that both you and your live-in companion housekeeper are satisfied with the employment conditions. Once these employment conditions are agreed upon by both parties, your live-in companion housekeeper will be able to start working with you upon the agreed date.

We will be able to assist you with a Payroll service for you and your carer, free of charge for the first six months. Of course, your personal consultant will also help with the employment contract and everything in between.

If you are ready to start your care journey or continue it with Guardian Carers, we invite you to speak to one of our specialist consultants who are always on hand to help. No matter the needs, we have the care.

Guardian Carers provides a truly personalised one on one service to all our clients. This allows our experts to truly understand your needs or your family member’s needs and find a live-in companion housekeeper match which compliments your values and interests.

We are here to assist you or your family member every step of the recruitment process and even afterwards. What sets us apart from other care agencies is that we allow for you to interview potential live-in companion housekeepers yourself. Our interview tips mentioned above, and even more advice provided by your personal consultant will guide you through the whole process.

To learn more about our live-in companion housekeeper selection you can click here. If you want to speak to a consultant over the phone, you can ring us on 0207 183 1395.

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