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Live in Care Agencies

Whether you are living with Alzheimer’s, or simply experiencing the ageing process, the time may come when you need live in care.

Many of us find that managing daily life becomes a little more difficult over time. If so, then you may initially decide to engage some form of home care in which a suitably qualified person visits your home to assist with household tasks, organise social activities or simply provide some companionship.

As time passes, you may realise that you need a little more support and you may think about approaching live in care agencies to see if they have someone suitable to care for you and reside in your home. This is a good idea for many reasons, as living in your own familiar surroundings is usually more pleasant and comforting than moving to a nursing home, not to mention less disruptive and upsetting. Quality care obtained through live in care agencies relieves stress for many people - and those who care about them.

Live in Care Agencies

Finding the Right Carer

Finding a suitable person on your own or via the internet can be tricky and even dangerous, but if you approach a reputable agency such as Guardian Carers with a track record in providing care, this will make the task a great deal easier. When approaching agencies, you will ideally want to look for those which offer a flexible array of services and employ a thorough vetting procedure.

Vetting Procedures

The vetting procedure is extremely important. This process should include checking all references, verifying that all listed qualifications are true and up to date, and candidates need to be interviewed by experienced staff. The type of qualifications a carer should offer include a valid certificate in first aid, plus relevant cooking or nursing competencies where required.

Potential carers should also be trustworthy members of the community with a DBS, or Disclosure and Barring Service, certificate which will identify any criminal convictions. A professional agency such as Guardian Carers will also run its own courses, approved by reputable nursing organisations, to ensure that staff have all the skills they could possibly need for delivering the very highest quality of care.

Choosing the right person as a live in carer is incredibly important. They will not only assist around the home, but will provide company, organise activities and help with maintaining friendships. Selecting an agency that has access to professional, patient and empathetic staff is a vital step in securing the support that you need to feel secure and safe at all times.

Live in Care Agencies

Even when living with advanced dementia, a live in carer can make a huge difference to your quality of life. For most people living with dementia, staying in their own home is of primary importance and live in care can make that happen. By making use of a trustworthy agency with a demonstrable track record, you can be sure that you will be getting the expertise that you need.

Every person and every situation is different, and an experienced agency will ensure that you are connected with the very best person to suit your needs and lifestyle.

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