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Live in care companies: how can they help you to find your perfect carer

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Making the choice to stay in your own home to receive care is both empowering and comforting. Because you can maintain your independence, choosing live in care is a popular choice. Of course, for many, this is new ground, and the methods and procedures for finding the right carer might at first seem complicated. That is why many people choose to use live in care companies to find the right carer, rather than employ a carer privately. Here we look at what the advantages are when choosing a company to source your care.

Live in care companies

What Do Live In Care Companies Do?

First of all, what is a live in care company? They are an organisation who employ a pool of trained, experienced and rigorously vetted carers, from which a carer will be allocated to you based upon your needs and wishes. The company will work with you to ensure that you and your carer are well matched in both personality and care needs. The company oversees everything, from mapping out your care plan, to risk assessments, paying wages, and ensuring cover should your carer be ill or on holiday. You need not worry about the responsibilities that come from privately employing your own carer.

How Does It Work?

Live in care usually works with a team of two carers, working on a two week rota. Having a company organise this for you offers a multitude of benefits. Your care team is dedicated to you. They work on a two week on, two week off basis. That means that consistency is maintained which is critical for those living with dementia or Alzheimer’s. Reputable firms such as Guardian Carers only take on the very best carers, so you can rest assured that the carers that they allocate you will be of the highest calibre.

Care companies offer full support for both you and your carer, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with a team on call to help you. Care companies provide ongoing training for their carers. Carers can develop their skills and ensure that they are always up to date. Regular first aid training, for example, or upgrading skills to include heavy lifting or medical care.

Live in care companies

How might you find a care company? There are many companies around the UK, some larger than others. Reputation is everything in this industry. A firm such as Guardian Carers has spent many years working hard to build a reputation for transparency, quality of service and supportiveness. Our initial consultations and inquiries are always free of charge and we are happy to discuss your individual circumstances and requirements. This ensures that finding the right care is as smooth and simple a process as possible at what can be a stressful time of life. This gives you and your loved ones peace of mind that you are being looked after to the highest standards.

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