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Coronavirus: Is it safe to have a live-in carer at home?

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It has been over 2 months now since the UK has been under an imposed lockdown. If people in need of care where using live-in care before, now more than ever, it seems there is a shift towards live-in care services at home. People are asking “How safe is it to have a live-in carer at home?” Read on to learn more about it.

Can I have a live-in carer in my home?

Can you hire a live-in carer for your home? The answer is plain and simple. Yes. You can certainly have a live-in carer in your home. Whether for a temporary period of time or for long-term live-in care is actually the safest option if you are considering going into private home care.

Live-in care is, in fact, the safest option during the coronavirus outbreaks. This is the option that most families choose to opt for nowadays. Moe and more families in the UK are now making the move towards hiring a live-in carer, at least as a temporary option, while the coronavirus outbreak will stabilise.

The most essential reason why live-in carers are the safest option for your during the coronavirus outbreak is that they work only for you if this is a full-time placement. Typically Guardian Carers live-in carers only work for 1 person, maximum 2 at any given time.

If your family cannot come to visit you as they normally would a live-in carer in your home is the best option for you. They will be there for you to offer you companionship as well as be the link between you and your family, making sure that you keep in daily contact with them. A live-in carer can facilitate communication between you and your family either by telephone or video calls.

If you are less mobile, suffer from a mental or physical condition or you simply cannot get around as easily as you normally would and you want someone to self-isolate with you, one of our live-in carers can do that with you. They will ensure that you are both keeping safe in the comfort of your own home.

How safe is it to have a live-in carer in my home?

Even before the coronavirus outbreak, Guardian Carers’ top priority was our clients’ and carers’ safety and security. Now, more than ever, we have increased our measures in order to ensure that the care recipients and the live-in carers are safe to be together in the same environment.

All our live-in carers have been instructed on what to do to ensure their safety and health, as well as your own. They have all received coronavirus safety guides. More than this, we make sure we go back and trace what they have been doing in the past month. Some of the things we make sure to check are:

  • If they’ve been self-isolating
  • If they’ve had symptoms related to Covid-19
  • If they are aware of the safety measure they need to follow
  • If they’ve been in direct contact with someone who has recently returned from an affected country

Live-in care is the safest option in terms of care. This is because, as stated above, our live-in carer will only work for you. This ensures that we limit their exposure as much as possible. By working only for you, they will not be exposed to anybody else. This way you can have peace of mind about your live-in carer.

More than this, if your carer has 1 or 2 days off to go home, we make it explicit to them to avoid public transport at all cost. Typically we strive to find you live-in carers who actually live within walking distance of your home or are at least local to the area. Ideally, we will aim to fin you live-in carers who can either drive or have their own car.

How can a live-in carer support me in my home?

There are many ways in which a live-in carer can support you in your home. Your live-in care is specifically tailored to your needs and requirements. If you suffer from a brain-altering condition such as dementia, we will ensure to find you a live-in carer who has had vast prior experience of working with dementia. If you simply need a live-in companion who can self-isolate with you and help you with housekeeping or home administration, we will make sure to tailor to your needs.

A live-in carer’s duties are vast. A live-in carer can help you with anything from personal care and health management to housekeeping and cooking. As stated above, your live-in care needs will be fully catered to.

Live-in care is the most comprehensive type of care. Our live-in carers are friendly, enthusiastic and committed to helping you live life as independently as possible. Some of the tasks a live-in carer can support with are:

  • Personal care
  • Health monitoring
  • Mobility assistance
  • Prompting medication
  • Feeding
  • Bathing

Our live-in carer can be there to do any daily chores you may need support with. Live-in carers can help with general housekeeping duties such as dusting, hoovering, laundry or even gardening. If you have a cat or a dog, they can also look after them, taking them out for walks and feed them.

There is really no limit for what a live-in carer in your home can help you with. Your live-in care needs will be fully catered to. There is also no question that having a live-in carer at home is the safest option and will continue to be the safest option for a long time to come.

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