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Live in carer costs – How live-in care is cost effective

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When faced with the decision as to what type of care suits your needs, complex financial issues can make it difficult to be certain which is the right option for you, your needs, and your budget. The choice to stay in your own home presents many benefits, and a live in carer can help you to maintain the life you love, in the home that you love. But what of the live in carer costs? It is not as complicated or as expensive as you might think. A live in carer can be much more economical for long term needs, than the cost of moving into a residential care home.

Live in care costs

The benefits of staying in your own home are clear. There is of course, no place like home, with your familiar surroundings and maybe even a much-loved family pet. You can remain close to your family and friends and carry on with your social life. For couples, the cost of live in care can be dramatically lower than the fees for both of you in residential care. As residential care home fees rise, live in care costs are lower as you may be eligible for more financial help from your local authority and from the NHS. Your eligibility for this financial help is not means tested.

You can request financial help for live in care costs from the NHS, by asking your GP for a Continuing Healthcare Assessment. The NHS can help particularly if you have complex, long-term care needs, or if your needs are health driven. Residential care homes can pose the risk of sudden fee increases. For many homeowners who choose residential care, this means selling their beloved homes.

Live in care costs

Should you choose live in care, the value of your home will not be taken into account. The stability offered by live in care and its accompanying fixed costs, mean that you would not have to face any sudden price increases, or extra costs for nursing. Guardian Carers work with you and with the help of your family if you wish, to find the perfect live in care companion for you. There is no risk of budget cuts from local authorities, giving you peace of mind and control of the cost of your care.

Live in care provides stability, security and continuity in your care giver. Live in carers usually work on a job share, with two carers taking turns to live with you for periods of time. This is of particular benefit for those living with dementia or Alzheimer’s, for whom familiarity is key. Great friendships can be forged, while you, your family, and your loved ones, have peace of mind over the control of the costs of your care, and of the high standard of care you are receiving.

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