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Live in carers for dementia patients are today’s solution for round the clock care

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The increase in the ageing population and people living with dementia means that deciding on the right care option is an important decision that many individuals and family members will face one day. There are 850,000 people living with dementia in the UK with the number predicted to rise to 1m by 2025.

As the name suggests, a live in carer will live in the home and be available 24-7. Live in carers provide the fullest care possible and mean that the client does not have to leave their home. People who are living with dementia have specific needs and are often scared of change. Being able to be cared for in their own home is the ideal option, especially regarding safety. This mitigates any family concerns about the client being left alone, especially for those who are prone to wander outside of the house.


The client is supported by the live in carer in their day to day routines, helping with a range of needs such as getting in and out of bed, personal care and bathing, cooking meals, mobility assistance, administering medication, shopping, laundry, changing bed linen, financial organisation and paying bills. The carer can also take the client out shopping, to social events and help with hobbies. They work to a care plan which has been devised between you and the agency, taking into account the specific needs that the care recipient may have in day to day living.

A live in carer will also complete a daily report detailing how they have provided support, which gives you the vital reassurance that the agreed needs are being met.

A reputable agency such as Guardian Carers can provide live in carers for dementia patients. We will find the best carer for your circumstances, based on their skills and experience, ensuring that they are trained in dementia care. Carers are strictly vetted and must have a DBS check and be trained in first aid. It is also possible to find a carer who is bilingual, speaking the same language as the client.


Many dementia clients will have two carers working in rotation. One of the main benefits is that the care recipient will be used to seeing two carers and not the wide variety of carers that they would see in a care home, so there is continuity of care. This is particularly important for people living with dementia who need to see the same faces each day.

The main benefit of live in carers for dementia patients is that the client can remain in their own home; a safe, familiar environment. The carer will get to know them and will be able to adapt to their changing needs as time passes.

A live in carer can help people living with dementia maintain their independence, whilst being cared for and protected at the same time. The value of round the clock care is impossible to measure, which is why a live in carer is the best option for so many.

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