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Live in nurses for the elderly

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Live in nurses for the elderly provide the option for an older person to remain in the safe, familiar environment of their own home. The nurses will live with you around the clock in your home, tending to your daily needs. They can provide medical support and personal care. On a particularly positive note, this solution is almost invariably cheaper than a place in a residential care facility.

With the demands of an ageing population and the growing number of illnesses affecting older people, this at home support is more important than ever and can provide peace of mind for your loved ones.

Live in nurses for the elderly


As a care recipient, a live-in nursing service can improve your overall sense of wellbeing and health, catering for your medical needs in your own home. This enables you to take control of your own treatment. Whether you are living with Alzheimer’s or a form of dementia, or whether you’ve simply become too ill to look after yourself, this form of nursing care is often the best option. Friends and family can visit any time and you are able to stay with your husband or wife, or partner, benefiting from the peace of mind that this provides.

A live-in nursing service reduces pressure on hospital beds and is a far more attractive option than leaving your beloved home and entering residential care. Your live-in nurse will focus upon your wellbeing, providing delicious, healthy, nutritious meals. In some cases, depending upon your specific requirements, they may also undertake light cleaning duties. A live in nurse will also provide much-needed friendship and companionship for you, in addition to helping with bathing, dressing and personal care.

Live in nurses for the elderly

Quality of Life

The main benefit of live in nurses is that you will remain in your own home, leading to better safety and a vastly improved quality of life. Even if you develop an illness, staying in your own home can be highly beneficial. Regular exercise, the opportunity to move around, physical and occupational therapies and improved nutrition through dietary management and meal preparation can all be provided. Overall, there is a decrease in stress and anxiety associated with the services of a live-in nurse.

As more and more people are making the choice to live as independently as they can, family members and friends or caregivers must make decisions about their daily care. In many of these situations, the primary caregivers are working adult children who have limited time and availability to provide the round-the clock daily care that the person may require. Many turn to reputable providers such as Guardian Care for help in securing an appropriate nursing service.

Not only does this give the care recipient peace of mind, but it also reassures the caregiver that their loved ones are in the best possible hands. Staying in your own home is desirable for many of us and live in nurses can make this logistically and financially possible.

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