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Making the right decision about caring

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It’s essential to make the right decision about what caring is needed. Depending on the gravity of the situation, the type of care will differ. Every single person is special and they have different needs. Guardian Carers can offer help when making the often difficult decision of choosing what care is needed. Here are some indicators to help the decision-making process a bit easier:

  • Choosing home care sooner can prevent from early deterioration and needing a higher level of care later on
  • Having home care will offer the family peace of mind that their loved one is in safe hands and no accident can happen to them unsupervised
  • Choosing home care will make the situation more manageable and keep the family members from disrupting their day-to-day life in order to care for their loved one
  • Home carers will be able to prevent crisis situations because they are trained to observe changes in the elderly person’s behaviour or general heath

The type of home care that is available is very varied and is dependent on one’s needs. The elderly person or their family member who is in charge of taking their care decisions must decide whether to go for private care or choose a recruitment company to hand-pick the carers.

Firstly, in the case of private care, it is important to keep in mind that there are both advantages and disadvantages when deciding to hire directly.

Making the decision to hire the carer directly will indeed provide continuity and increased familiarity with the carer. But, if this decision is made, there is certain legislation that applies to the hirer. Here are just some examples:

  • Offering living wage
  • Offering a maximum of 48 hours per week
  • Ensure the carers have DBS check
  • Personally check verbal references
  • Prove fair dismissal in case the employer-carer relationship deteriorates

Secondly, there’s the option of using a company which provides care services. Enlisting the services of a recruiting company such as Guardian Carers will offer help with making the right decision about the care services needed. Deciding on an agency will take off the stress and hassle of finding a carer alone. Guardian Carers will find a carer which best matches the needs and requirements of the elder needing care, as well as find someone who shares their hobbies and interests.

Guardian Carers will provide a list of private carers which are best matched to the needs and interests of the elder. We offer interviewing tips and book the interviews whenever it is convenient. Once a decision has been made on the best carer, we will offer guidance with paperwork and provide sample contracts. More than this, we will also offer a payroll service.

Taking into account these 2 options, it can be easily observed that deciding to go with a company like Guardian Carers is the most beneficial decision. Our average full-time private carers rates go from £12 to £15 per hour, while part-time private carers will make between £13 to £16 per hour, but these rates depend on the complexity of the job.

90% of the families that Guardian Carers work with result in happy, successful, long-term carer placements. Therefore, making the decision to hire a recruitment company such as Guardian Carers will remove the stress of finding a private carer alone and offer home care options tailored for the specific care needs of the elder.

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