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Overnight care – what is overnight care and what is involved?

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It is possible to remain in your own home whatever your care needs, so you can maintain your independence and quality of life.

An overnight care service such as that provided by Guardian, gives you and your family extra peace of mind over the twilight hours and into the morning. Living with dementia or Alzheimer's can mean an extra helping hand is needed over the course of a full day. Choosing overnight care can be crucial in your decision to stay in your own home, and in your familiar and comfortable surroundings.

Having a carer stay with you from evening right through to morning gives you peace of mind so that you can relax and sleep easy. A carer staying with you through the night gives your family much needed peace of mind too, as they can rest assured that your needs are being taken care of around the clock. A carer staying with you through the night can greatly reduce any anxieties you have around being alone at night time.

Overnight care

A restful night's sleep ensures all round good health and wellbeing, helps reduce stress, and generally improves your mood and concentration. Sleeping well at night also reduces the need to nap during the day, which can lead to missing out on social activities. And importantly, mobility may be impaired due to tiredness from lack of sleep.

Because Guardian Carers are committed to a full and rich quality of life for those living with Alzheimer's or dementia, our night time care is just as important as our daytime services. An overnight carer will stay over in your home just as a guest might stay over. They can assist with administering any medicines before bed or during the night.

Your carer will help you with your bedtime routine, and assist with any night-time toilet breaks. The carer can help you to move position in bed, ensuring a comfortable night's sleep. This might be particularly important if you are recovering from an injury or an operation.

Overnight care usually breaks down into two types, sleeping care and waking care. If you choose a sleeping carer, they will sleep in a bed in their own room in your home. They will be with you at bedtime, and then there to support you should you need them during the night. If you find you need assistance several times throughout the night, then a waking carer might be more suitable.

A waking carer is on duty and fully awake all night, and so is on hand whenever you need them. A waking carer does not need a bed in their own room, as they will not be going to bed themselves.

Should you wish to discuss a carer staying with you through the night, one of our trained and friendly consultants will listen to your requirements and be able to tailor the right care for your needs. An overnight carer can help you to continue your independence and freedom to stay in the home that you know and love, and rest easy in your own bed.

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