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Paying for care and support at home

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When considering homecare and ways in which you are going to pay for it, it is important to first consider the support services that are available to you and which service matches your needs.

A Live-In home carer is when the domestic housekeeper carer lives with you in your home and offers around the clock care, 24/7. This is the most expensive type of in-home care as it is the most comprehensive. Your personal housekeeper carer will require their own bedroom within your home and it is recommended that they have at least 2 hours to themselves, the perfect time for you to do some reading or take a nap. Live-in care tends to be the step before going into care or residential home

A live-out home carer is similar to a live-in carer as the care recipient is able to stay in their home, however, your carer would not stay overnight. Your live-out home carer can be available full time or part-time and is adapted to the different levels of support that you require.

Respite home care is a temporary form of care whether it is to cover your current carer if they have time booked off, or if it is to help with post-operative care. If you have just had a big operation and need some assistance while you recover, respite care is perfect for you.

Part-Time carers can be available from a couple of hours a week, to a few hours a day. They can help you complete your day to day activities or there to exchange stories over a cup of tea. Part-time care is completely flexible to you and your schedule.

A housekeeper carer is a perfect hybrid between having a Housekeeper to care for your home and a carer to care for you. They will be able to manage your laundry and ironing, cleaning of kitchens and bathrooms as well as taking you to appointments, assisting with physiotherapy exercises and personal care.

Live out candidate tend to earn between £10 and £15 per hour, this can be either net or gross however the most common within the industry is gross. This means that the candidate’s tax and National Insurance contributions will be taken out of that.

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