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What is the cost of overnight carers?

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As stated before, private home care has different facets. It all differs from person to person, carer to carer. Guardian Carers offer a wide range of home care services. Our carers can be there for you even overnight. The cost for an overnight carer will rise. Carer costs will range between £15 to £20 per hour during the night. Some carers can come offer care only during the night. They will be in your home to make sure there are no falls and can help you move around your home (for example help you out of bed or go to the toilet). But the majority of carers will be living in. Live-in carers must be provided with their own bedroom in your home. The carers must also be able to prepare their own meals.

Overnight home care is extremely useful. A carer will be there with you or with your loved one whenever they need help. The carer will be on-call almost in the same way that a doctor is. That is also the reason why the cost of home care rises. Carers are very invested in their work and they put a lot of passion in the care they offer. You can be certain that Guardian Carers will find the right person to offer you home care, no matter what your needs are.

It is important to remember that by choosing private home care you are able to find comprehensive care at half the cost of a retirement home. Private home care allows you to continue to live life as independently as you want, just with some additional support. By receiving home care you would be in complete control of what you want to do, whereas in a care home you would have to adhere to a certain schedule.

Overnight private home care is usually needed in the more serious cases, where the person needs help with mobility or is suffering from a serious health disease, such as Alzheimer or Dementia. Guardian Carers offers live-in carers, who provide round the clock, 24 hour care, 7 days a week, for a very good cost. All our carers have minimum 3 years experience, so they are able to provide amazing private home care. The cost you’re paying matches the level of care you receive. For this cost, we guarantee that the home carer you will receive has:

  • Undergone an enhanced DBS check
  • A FirstAid and Safeguarding certificate
  • At least 3 years of experience

If want you or your loved one need is simply overnight home care, then Guardian Carers can offer just that. The costs that we offer for overnight home carers start at £15 per hour and go up to £20 per hour. For this cost, our overnight home carers will come into your home and be available for all your needs during the night. If you need help moving around, bathing, washing or any other hygiene related needs, overnight carers are there to help.

Guardian Carers have been active in the care service for over 14 years. We offer premium home care and we know how to stand out from the rest. We only work with the best carers, to help you live life as seamlessly and independently as possible. We maintain a high standard of care and our costs are always tailored to your specific needs. Why should you have to leave your home to somewhere where the costs are higher, when you can enjoy the comfort of your own home and be around your memories, for a much lower cost?

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