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Roles and responsibilities of a carer

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A carer is ultimately there to help you live safely in the knowledge there is someone you can call on for assistance if necessary.

Personal Care

A carer will help with the smooth running of your household and to meet any specific needs you may have. This may start with any help with personal care you require. For example, you may need help to get washed or dressed, even if it's as simple as someone to do up the buttons or zips. Personal assistance may extend to grooming, such as help with brushing your hair or applying makeup.

Whilst live in carers are not normally registered nurses, they will have first aid training (if you have found them through a reputable agency such as Guardian Carers) and can assist with some medical needs such as ensuring that you take the necessary medication at the right times. Carers can be found to provide more rigorous medical care if that is what you require.

Roles and responsibilities of a carer

Domestic Tasks

An important part of the role of a carer relates to the domestic needs around the home. Carers are available to undertake household tasks such as cleaning, tidying and gardening. They can also manage the food shopping, laundry and ironing. You may wish to task them with preparing and cooking your favourite meals or perhaps to have them there for support while you cook.

Outside the Home

Carers can also arrange and attend visits to the doctor or dentist and any hospital appointments you may have. Alternatively, you may want their support to continue attending social events you enjoy or to undertake a day trip. The benefit of a live in carer is the flexibility they can provide, the help they offer can be perfectly tailored to your needs.

Roles and responsibilities of a carer


The emotional support of a carer should not be underestimated. The benefits of companionship are well documented and the simple pleasure of a chat with a cup of tea can be restorative in itself. This part of the roles and responsibilities of a carer is vital to your continued happiness and independence. It is also the reason why your carer should be very carefully selected to ensure it is someone you can actually get on with. Your carer can be there to eat with you, play games, watch TV, have a cup of tea or even attend a social event with you.

Care services can be personalised. There are live in and live out carers, available for respite care, long term or short term care needs and for full time or part-time roles. If you live with or close to family then our carers will work with them too, ensuring we are as hands-on as you require so you can enjoy your time with your family.

A carer provides choices for you. The choice to stay in your own home, the choice as to how to live your life, the choice to continue pursuing the hobbies that interest you.

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