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Sports injury carers: How we make sure our carers are vetted to the maximum level & can offer you the best care

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Sports injuries are more common than most people may think. In the UK, almost 1.5 million people require treatment due to sports injuries. Sports injuries incur not only with sportspeople but also with anyone involved in physical exercise or sports-related activities.

If you will find yourself in any of these groups, you most probably will need a sports injury carer if the injury will require rehabilitation after hospitalisation. Luckily enough, Guardian Carers are here to help. Our database of carers is filled with candidates who are trained to help people recover from a sports injury at home.

We are often enlisted to help our clients recover at home after they have sustained a sports injury. Our clients who require sports injury care can be anything from football players to people who have injured themselves in a non-professional setting.

Whatever your situation may be, we are on hand to help. Our specialist carers are vetted to the maximum level and can offer you the best care you need. Keep reading to find out how we ensure we get only the best candidates on board.

Vetting procedures for sports injury carers

We pride ourselves on our vetting procedures, which we have developed and improved along the way. Our replacement rate, which is as low as 5% is a testament to our vetting procedures. We always strive to bring the best people on board who can improve our clients’ quality of life.

Our sports injury carers firstly attend an interview with one of our expert consultants. During this interview, they discuss the carer’s past experience with sports injuries and other relevant care or healthcare work. They also discuss relevant skills and qualifications and are questioned about how they would proceed in particular situations.

Our experts also make sure to request all the necessary documentation as well as any relevant certificates that the carers may have. They also request First Aid certificates. Another step they take in ensuring our carers are vetted to the maximum level is checking that they have an up-to-date enhanced DBS check or if not, they will support the carer in obtaining one. This is a step that is never overlooked, as it allows us to establish whether the carer has a clean record.

Moreover, another vetting procedure for our sports injury carers is requesting two previous employer references. These references are verbally checked by our expert consultants to ensure authenticity.

We should also note that any sports injury carer who is registered with us must have a minimum of two years of professional care experience. The same rule applies to any carer whom we register.

One final vetting procedure rests with yourself - the client. After you start your search with us and receive relevant sports injury carer profiles from your consultant, you get the unique chance to interview the carers yourself.

You can choose the carers you think are most suitable for you and conduct your own in-person, telephone or video interview. Your consultant will support you along the way with interview tips and advice. This final step ensures that the sports injury carer you choose to work in your home is the most suitable option and is a person with whom you will connect and trust.

Receive the best sports injury care in your home

Now that you know how our vetting process works, we are sure you are convinced that Guardian Carers can find you the best person to aid you in your rehabilitation. Keep reading to find out a bit more about how the process of receiving the best sports injury care in your home works.

During your initial enquiry with us, you will get assigned to an expert consultant who will get to know you, your needs and requirements, as well as any likes and dislikes. During this call, you will speak about your injury, your recommended rehabilitation programme and anything else that you think we should know which will help us in finding you the most suitable sports injury carer.

After you decide to go ahead, your consultant will send you profiles of sports injury carers who match your criteria, who have the relevant experience and also live locally or close-by to you. They will also kickstart the recruitment process which entails advertising the role and searching for the best candidates for you.

Once a consistent selection has been made, you will get to choose the candidates you like the most and get the chance to interview them as well. As mentioned before, all candidates are expertly vetted before reaching your inbox.

After you have made your final decision, your sports injury carer will be ready to start working in your home and help get you back on your feet as soon as possible. Your consultant will deal with all the paperwork, so you don’t need to worry about a thing.

In terms of the length of the care placement, you should know that our sports injury carers can be hired on a live-in or live-out basis and work either full-time hours or part-time hours. The minimum amount a sports injury carer can be hired for is 3 hours per day.

Here at Guardian Carers, our clients’ quality of life and independence is paramount to us. We focus on enabling people to live their lives fully and improve their quality of life with the help of our fantastic carers.

If you would like to know more about our sports injury care service and how our carers can aid you or a loved one to recover, our consultants are happy to help. You can simply make an enquiry online or call our nationwide line on 0207 183 1395.

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