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Looking for a home carer in London - top tips on how to choose the right one

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As the largest city in the UK, London has more than 3 million families - a number which is likely to increase more in the following years. Based on these figures, there is a probability that one out of five families has an elderly relative who needs physical and emotional support.

Aside from the common struggles that they experience because of old age, they may also have long-term health conditions that affect their daily life. They need someone to depend on and provide the support they require. Here at Guardian Carers, we want to give them the independence as well as the quality of life they deserve.

Hiring a home carer is the viable option for families who are away from their elderly loved one or those families who have a lot on their plates and are having a hard time juggling their work and other responsibilities. However, choosing the right home carer is not rocket science but it’s not easy either.

You probably have a couple of things in mind regarding choosing the right home carer for your elderly loved one but the truth is there are more things to consider than what you are thinking. Among others, you have to be certain that your elderly loved one is as comfortable as you are with the presence of a home carer and the candidate will fit in easily and provide the services they need.

Looking for a home carer in London

How to choose the right home carer for your elderly loved one?

Firstly, you should consider what type of services your loved one needs. Older adults may experience different health conditions, and they require personalised care. Some of them need full-time assistance while some may just need someone to check-in on them for a few hours each week.

If your loved one is having difficulty with their nighttime routine and they need someone to stay with them during the night, then a live-in carer would be the right choice. On the other hand, if they are still capable of managing their personal care but might not be able to do household tasks, then a housekeeper-carer would be more suitable. There are also home carers who are happy to provide companionship to those who are experiencing depression or just need some company.

Secondly, make a list of requirements and qualifications that the home carer should have. This will help you keep on the right track in finding the perfect candidate for your loved one.

It will be ideal to look for someone who is well experienced in taking care of older adults who have the same condition as your loved one. You will be at ease knowing that they are in the right hands. Some people require a home carer to have 2 years of experience and more so they can be sure that they are skilled in this line of work. In addition to this, you can also search for a home carer who has relevant qualifications and attended training courses.

Thirdly, check references from their previous employers. It is important to do background checks before hiring someone because this will also give you an idea of what kind of personality the home carer has.

You need to make sure that the home carer is not just highly qualified in terms of professional experience but more importantly has a great personality. It is essential to double-check their references because you are not simply hiring an employee but someone who could be part of your family and can make an impact on your loved one’s life.

Speak to the previous clients or families they worked with. This will allow you to get to know more about your desired home carer. You can specifically ask about their responsibilities, performance and the reason why they left their employment.

Lastly, set up an interview with the home carer. Once you have shortlisted your top candidates, you should interview them online or either face to face. This way you can ask further questions to see if they are suitable for the job.

Although you have already done the steps above, you should not stop until you are satisfied with your home carer. If you haven't found the one who is suitable for your loved one, we advise you to keep looking.

It might be overwhelming to think about the process you have to go through just to find the right candidate but you don’t have to do this alone. We are delighted to be your partner in searching for the perfect home carer.

Why use a care agency to find a home carer in London?

Guardian Carers is a leading care agency which provides carers, companions and housekeepers in London and all over the UK. We have selected highly professional consultants who are the best of the best in the recruitment field.

Once you enquire with us, you will have a consultation with one of our specialists who will find out what are your expectations and requirements from a home carer. Based on this, they will send you candidate profiles who would be suitable for your loved one. You will also decide if you want to set up an interview with your selected top candidates.

Our team ensures that our candidates have undergone a thorough vetting and screening process before placing them in your loved one’s home. They will conduct a background check for every candidate including their work experience, previous employer remarks, skills and qualifications.

Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) along with other documents will also be checked. All of these procedures will be done to ensure that the home carers you will meet are equipped and efficient.

Here at Guardian Carers, we are sure that we can find the perfect home carer for your loved one. If you want to know more information about our services, please contact us on 0207 183 1395 or download our brochure.

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