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What dementia care is available?

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Dementia manifests itself in many forms and it progresses differently from person to person. Each person is unique and they require different types of dementia care. For a person suffering from dementia, it’s recommended that they are eased into dementia care and slowly increase their level of care as the disease progresses over time.

At Guardian Carers, we have many different types of dementia care available. Your care can range from live-in and live-out to full-time and part-time. As dementia is a progressive illness we understand that your needs and requirements may change. You may start off with needing a part-time carer that comes for a few hours a day, to then over time need a full-time or live-in dementia carer who can come and provide round the clock care.

Live-in dementia care

Live-in dementia care is the most comprehensive type of care. Live-in dementia care is typically recommended when dementia has progressed quite far, not in the early stages of dementia. But depending on different circumstances, someone in the early stages of dementia, who still has a good cognitive function, can still receive live-in dementia care at home.

Our live-in dementia care is focused on your specific needs and requirements. Guardian Carers has a multitude of highly qualified and experienced live-in dementia carers who are equipped to deal with any type of unexpected situations and behaviours of dementia, especially in the latter stages of dementia. Live-in dementia carers’ main focus is on your health and wellbeing.

Live-in dementia care is also the best option pre-care home. If you are thinking about moving your loved one into a care home in the future, live-in dementia care is the last step before that. Live-in dementia care can also elongate the time your loved one spends at home before moving into a care home by slowing down cognitive decline with one on one care.

Live-out dementia care

Live-out dementia care is also a great option if your loved one does not need round the clock care. If you don’t need someone to stay overnight a live-out carer, whether full-time or part-time will work perfectly for your needs.

Live-out care can be a good option for someone who does not need a very in-depth level of care. For example, someone who is just beginning to develop symptoms of dementia or who is having increasing memory lapses could do very well with a live-out carer coming when they need them to.

Live-out care is great because you can decide when you need the live-out dementia carer to come in. If you need the live-out carer to come in for 5 days per week, it will be great for them also, as they will be able to organise their time as they wish.

Full-time dementia care

Full-time dementia care ties in with live-out care. Full-time dementia care is an amazing option if your loved one does not have trouble sleeping or their dementia is not very advanced. Also, it’s a great option if you simply need someone to look after them during the day.

If you have to work during the day a full-time dementia carer can come in to relieve you of your duties until you get back from work. They will be there to support your loved one with whatever they may need.

A full-time carer can come in the morning and leave in the evening for example. Full-time dementia carers can have a fixed hours contract which they can follow. They will be there for your loved one with whatever they may need until your return from work.

Part-time dementia care

Part-time dementia care is normally the option that people choose when they loved one is in the early stages of dementia pr if they need someone to cover from them, for example. Part-time dementia care is a great way of easing your loved one into the idea of having a carer around.

A part-time carer can just come for 3 hours per week in the beginning. You can increase their hours progressively, in order to have them and your loved one get used to each other step by step.

With part-time dementia care, your loved one can still enjoy all the benefits of dementia care at home, but simply on reduced hours. Over time, you can increase the hours that a dementia carer comes to look after your loved one at home.

No matter what type of dementia care you choose, with Guardian Carers you can make sure that your loved one will be extremely well looked after. Having a dementia carer from Guardian Carers will offer you peace of mind that your loved one is in the best hands possible.

Our dementia carers, whether live-in or live-out, full-time or part-time, are highly trained and experienced care professionals. They have a wealth of knowledge and experience working with people who suffer from dementia.

More than this, Guardian Carers promise you that all our dementia carers are expertly vetted before they come to work into your home. Our dementia carers go through extensive vetting procedures.

Our vetting procedures for dementia carers include face to face interviews, where their experience and qualifications are discussed at large. The next step is ensuring their references are verbally checked. We also ensure that they have an enhanced DBS/ Police check. We then ask them for a First Aid Certificate. Specifically, in the case of dementia care, we make sure that the carers have had vast experience in working with people suffering from this condition. We would never place a carer without dementia experience in your home.

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