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What type of senior care do we offer at Guardian Carers?

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Do you believe the time has come for you to get senior care at home? Taking the first step and knowing where to start can be intimidating for some. This is why we are here to offer you all the information you need to know about senior care so that you will be prepared for what is ahead.

Guardian Carers is a premium senior care provider, specialising in placing senior companions, carers and housekeepers all over the UK and internationally. Our years of experience in the senior care industry means that we know what it takes to be an outstanding carer. This is why all the senior carers we recruit for our clients are the best of the best.

If you are looking for quality senior care services in the comfort of your own home, then Guardian Carers are the ones to offer you the best. More than 95% of the families we work with result in happy and long-lasting senior care placements. So, what senior care options are available out there?

What type of senior care do we offer

What senior care options are available?

There are a myriad of senior care options available for you to choose from. Some people, depending on their requirements, choose to go down the care home option. However, this option is often more costly and not as qualitative as enlisting senior care in your home. Other people choose to move into retirement villages where they can live the rest of their lives whilst receiving senior care services in-house.

However, for the majority of people, neither of these options are ideal. Most people want to remain in their homes for as long as possible. Nowadays, people can remain at home without ultimately having to resort to the option of care homes.

The variety of senior care options available means that people can remain in their homes even if they suffer from advanced stages of dementia, for instance. Professional and experienced senior carers will be on-hand to help at any hour of the day or night.

Senior care is customisable based on anyone’s needs and requirements. Some examples of senior care available include condition-led care, post-operative care, sports injury care, dementia care, Parkinson’s care and many more.

More than this, you should know that senior care can be enlisted for a short period of time or long-term. You can hire a senior carer either on a part-time or full-time basis. They can live-in your home or live-out.

How can senior care help you?

As stated above, senior care is completely customisable to your needs and requirements. With Guardian Carers, you will get a fully-personalised plan and a senior carer who has been hand-picked to suit all your needs. You should also know that if your needs change over time, your senior care plan can be adjusted along the way.

Senior care will remove the stress of day to day life. It will offer you support with your care requirements and you will also gain someone to lean on, as a senior carer will offer you their companionship.

Senior care is completely flexible to your needs. While your senior carer’s main duty will be to look after your health and general well-being, they will also be in charge of household tasks. Some of the tasks that a senior carer will be able to assist you with are:

  • Assisting with your personal care
  • Assisting with your mobility
  • Managing medication
  • Liaising with doctors or GPs
  • Booking appointments
  • Doing the laundry and ironing
  • Doing the hoovering, mopping and dusting
  • Changing the bed linen
  • Organising the wardrobes
  • Organising activities
  • Running errands
  • Accompanying on walks and outings

What type of senior care do we offer?

At Guardian Carers, your safety and security are paramount. Here, we focus on creating the perfect matches between our clients and carers. Your senior care will be completely personalised and delivered in the comfortable environment of your home.

No matter the needs, we guarantee that we have the senior care to cover them. Regardless of health issues or other special requirements, we can find you a senior carer with the necessary skills, experience and qualifications to satisfy your requests.

We work extremely quickly and we can have a carer in your home in as little as 24 hours. We always recruit carers who are local to your area. Especially in the current climate, we ensure that the senior carers we find for you are within walking distance to your home or can drive to you.

Our carers are industry professionals when it comes to caring for senior people. They are highly trained and have years of hands-on experience managing various illnesses and conditions. Any senior carer we recruit must have a minimum of two years of professional care experience.

You should also know that our expert senior care consultants are the best at what they do. They know how to find the best carers for each role and once they do, they perform in-depth vetting procedures on each candidate.

They interview each candidate in a face to face or video interview. In this interview, they extensively check skills, experience and knowledge. They also verbally check each reference and conduct an enhanced DBS check/ Police check, which ensures that the candidates are safe to work in our clients’ homes.

Consulting an agency such as Guardian Carers during your senior care search is essential in ensuring that everything goes smoothly and seamlessly. Guardian Carers will remove the hassle out of resourcing senior carers from you, allowing them to find you the best of the best. By allowing us to complete this search for you, you can rest assured knowing that your senior carer will be an experienced, qualified and trustworthy person.

Our care consultants are on-hand to answer any questions you may have regarding senior care and our services. We invite you to give them a call on 0207 183 1395.

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