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What is live in care? What is a live in carers job?

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If you or a relative have started to investigate which care home may be suitable for your needs then pause for a moment and consider the possibility of live in care. Whatever your requirements, it can be hard to leave your home but perhaps you don't have to.

Live in care means the carer lives in the home with you, allowing you to remain living independently and securely in your own home. By virtue of living in your home, the carer is available to help throughout the day and night as necessary. There are many different options for work patterns to allow the carers the breaks they require and this can be agreed upon during the recruitment process.

What is live in care?

Key Benefits of Live in Care

The benefits of live in care can include help with cooking; housework and gardening; care of pets; completing tasks including shopping for groceries; personal care such as washing and dressing; taking medication; mitigating risks in the home such as falls; trips within the local community, such as to the doctor or hairdresser; facilitating your continued hobbies and social life with your friends. Another vital aspect of live in care is the companionship it provides. Carers can work with you and your family to support daily routines and ensure continuity of care.

What is live in care?

Dementia and Respite Care

If you're living with dementia or Alzheimer's, live in care is worth consideration as it allows you to remain in a familiar environment, keeps you safe and keep the routines in place that are so important to improve your quality of life. Alternatively, it may be a short term measure. Perhaps live in care would suit you due to a recent operation or illness for assistance while you recover.

It is sensible to consider reputable agencies such as Guardian Carers as they will be able to match you with a carer based upon common interests. Agency carers also have the support of a round the clock on-call team if required. The length of time a live in carer will work with you at one time varies and can potentially be negotiated to suit you best. It may be a team of two carers working a number of days or even a week then swapping. The agency will understand your exact needs and clarify the conditions you're living with so the live in carer is fully briefed and able to support you in the most constructive way.

In terms of cost, live in care is almost invariably cheaper than moving into a care home, particularly if there are multiple family members needing support. Live in carers, especially found through reputable agencies, are enthusiastic, friendly and highly trained at what they do and can provide a very special sort of companionship. Home is such a special place for so many people and at times of change or illness it can be the only place you want to be and the place you want to stay.

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