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What qualifications should a live in carer have?

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A live in carer is not required by law to have any specific qualifications but you may wish to look for certain criteria for your own peace of mind.

When employing someone in such an important and personal role as a live in carer, it is imperative to feel confident and assured in their abilities. As such, you may want to learn more about the sorts of qualifications and attributes someone applying for the role may have.

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Reasonable Expectations

There are currently no official requirements for specific formal educational carer qualifications. However, there is generally an expectation that applicants will have English at GCSE level or equivalent. You may wish to request further qualifications if you consider them important and there is often a preference for appropriate courses.

Relevant training could include first aid skills, and Health and Social Care courses such as an NVQ or BTEC. It may also be important to have a full driving licence to fulfil the demands of the role. If you speak another language it could be important for your live in carer to be fluent as well to aid communication and help you feel at ease.

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One of the major benefits of employing a live in carer through an agency is the reassurance the additional training and development provides. Reputable agencies such as Guardian Carers have comprehensive in house schemes to ensure carers have the skills and training to meet your exact needs.

Instead of formal carer qualifications, it may be more important for you to search for the specific characteristics and qualities that would qualify a live in carer to look after you or your loved one. In terms of personal attributes, think about what you would like in someone coming into your home to provide care and companionship in such a personal way.

It is important they are patient and show kindness and empathy. A live in carer should be reliable and dependable, which is vitally important in someone who will be living in your home tending to your needs. Communication and listening skills are essential, especially with the companionship aspect of the role. A good live in carer will be able to engage and show interest but also maintain the care routine through good organisational and planning skills.

There could be other important skills you may look for in a live in carer. Cookery is often a sought-after ability and can be a crucial aspect of the relationship between you and your carer. Good food can bring people together and nourish both body and soul. It could even be something you do together on occasion. If there are other hobbies or pastimes you enjoy, that could be one of the things you look for in your live in carer. Shared interests can aid the relationship.

It may help to compile a list of the skills and attributes most important to you and then use this to assess any written applications and to inform your interview questions.

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