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Who are Guardian Carers?

Guardian Carers provide a variety of premium in-home care services that can be tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual client. We have more than 14 years’ experience in domestic staffing and we understand how to provide bespoke services that truly focus on health and well-being. One of our professional consultants will guide you through the process of finding the right companion housekeeper in Chislehurst by ensuring that they have the correct skills and experience to provide truly personalised care reflective of your individual circumstances.

As we offer a variety of services, we will always adapt our search according to the unique requirements and needs of each of our clients. Every one of our candidates has been expertly vetted by our team of experienced care professionals, however, we believe that it is important that you always have the final say. As such, you will have the opportunity to interview potential candidates yourself and we will continue to provide ongoing support for you as and when required. So, if circumstances change or alterations to your care will enhance your well-being, our team will always go above and beyond for you.

Our mission is to ensure that every one of our clients can connect with their ideal companion housekeeper in Chislehurst via a straightforward and distinctly stress-free process. As well as providing sample contracts, we also offer an all-encompassing payroll service which can be used to register with HMRC and generate monthly payslips.

Companion Housekeeper

What is expected from a companion housekeeper?

Our companion housekeepers provide our clients with the ability to maintain the lifestyle they have built for themselves within the comfort of their own home. Offering safety, security and company, a companion housekeeper in Chislehurst will enable sustainable improvements to your quality of life and will ensure that you are happy, healthy and safe.

In addition to empowering your sense of independence, a companion housekeeper can also help with a variety of tasks and activities. This might include accompanying you on walks and to classes that will enhance your physical and mental well-being, assisting with shopping for groceries, cooking nutritious meals to share, maintaining communication with family and friends, and ensuring that your beloved home is a clean, tidy, safe and pleasant environment to spend time in.

The benefits of a companion housekeeper

We don’t think that age or health conditions should ever be a barrier preventing you from enjoying everyday life to the fullest. Our companion housekeepers want to make life easy and stress-free, and are dedicated to ensuring that you are not missing out on the valuable social enjoyment and relaxation time that we know is so integral to health and well-being.

Should an emergency situation arise, every one of our companion housekeepers knows exactly what to do to maintain your personal safety. Additionally, as well as encouraging a healthy lifestyle, the support provided by our companion housekeepers will instil you with an invaluable sense of independence and confidence through shared experiences and engaging conversation. Intellectual stimulation is, after all, a major contributor to an overall sense of well-being.

Things to do with a companion housekeeper in Chislehurst

  • Stroll around the magnificent Art Deco Eltham Palace and enjoy some of the lavish 19 acre gardens
  • Enjoy a picnic on a warm day in Scadbury Park. This beautiful 300-acre nature reserve is situated on Chislehurst’s eastern edge and overlooks the valley of the River Cray
  • Meander along Chislehurst’s vibrant High Street, which extends a welcoming community feel for both local residents and visitors alike
  • Pause for a refreshing drink in The Bulls Head Hotel on Royal Parade. This traditional pub has a rustic-chic atmosphere and serves a tempting year-round menu that is overflowing with seasonal British pub classics
  • Taking its name from the original name of the local area, Prickend Pond is a charming place to enjoy the scenery and see the local population of geese and ducks. It was formed when gravel was extracted from the ground to create the local roads and is now one of Chislehurst’s most photographed areas
  • Learn more about British philosopher Alan Watts, who was born in Chislehurst in 1915
  • Visit some of Chislehurst’s monuments including the War Memorial, the National Trust-owned Willett Memorial, and the Grade II listed Prince Imperial monument
  • Learn more about the history of Chislehurst Caves, which were originally made for mining flint and chalk but were later used as an air raid shelter during the war and a music venue during the swinging 60s

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