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Who are Guardian Carers?

Guardian Carers consists of a dedicated team of experienced professionals who, together, offer top-class home care support. With over fourteen years' experience, you can feel confident that Guardian Carers can source and match the best possible companion housekeeper for your specific requirements, based on your individual needs and circumstances.

We never settle for a ‘good enough’ match; the priority goal is always to find the absolute best possible person to provide you with the support you need or want. Of course, once we have sourced suitable candidates, you are welcome to interview them yourself and the final hiring decision will always be yours.

Once you have chosen a companion housekeeper, we continue to offer background support and are always around to answer questions or help make any adjustments to the arrangement if necessary. For example, the care plan may require some refinement based upon changes to your health situation. Overall we exist to reduce the stress of hiring a companion housekeeper, so support options such as contract templates and a user-friendly payroll service are also available, should you choose to make use of them.


What is expected from a companion housekeeper?

A Guardian Carer’s companion housekeeper role involves offering both domestic and social support which allows you to remain as independent as possible in your own home. Typical companion housekeeper duties involve some domestic and household duties, such as laundry, basic gardening, shopping, and regular housework, along with social and personal support.

This could include having a day out together, attending a social function, going to the library, making appointments for you and both preparing and sharing meals of your choosing.

Benefits of a companion housekeeper in Fulham

Peace of mind that you now have support, company and independence is probably the most obvious benefit of hiring a companion housekeeper for the majority of our clients. The flexibility of the role means that every single person can enjoy these benefits tailored to suit their unique situation. A good companion housekeeper from Guardian Carers boosts your quality of life and frees you from the everyday tasks which can prove challenging in the face of the ageing process or on-going health conditions.

Things to do with a companion housekeeper in Fulham

  • Fulham Palace is packed with fascinating objects, paintings and archaeology items dating back to prehistoric eras. The palace also has a walled garden, beautifully kept grounds and a licensed café. Fulham Palace is open to the public several afternoons a week throughout the year, with the café open all day
  • Take a stroll down the infamous Kings Road. This iconic street runs through both Chelsea and Fulham and was once the Mecca of 1960’s fashion followers
  • Bishops Park is a historic place to enjoy in Fulham. It has lots of things to do and see, including a bowling green, urban beach, table tennis and river walks
  • The London Theatre Workshop on New King’s Road is a small (65-seat) ‘boutique’ theatre with an eclectic programme, including cabaret, classic plays and workshops
  • Hobby crafters simply must visit Token Interior, a hybrid tea room - arts, crafts and music studio. Visitors can use the space freely, with a wide range of things to do including learning to play an instrument or getting to grips with a new type of craft. Plus there are lots of opportunities to socialise. Token Interior can be found at 694 Fulham Road
  • Wahleeah is a small neighbourhood café in Fulham owned by Dave Ahern, and specialising in burgers and beer; with home-brewed ale a speciality. The New York subway station interior design is quirky and well worth a visit in its own right
  • St. Clements, 201 New King’s Road, is another food-focused venue, but this one is typically British, and based around the concept of selling freshly made, organic seasonal food and snacks. The charming terrace is a lovely option when the weather is being kind
  • Vintage fans will enjoy the Grapefruit Gallery, based on Fulham Road. It features a good variety of vintage posters, maps, photographs and more, most of which are also available to buy
  • Circa Vintage on Fulham High Street also has a vintage theme, but this time the focus is on clothes, jewellery and accessories. They buy items and also restore old clothes
  • Improve your core fitness with Six Pilates, just minutes from Fulham Broadway. Ultrasound technology is used by trained physiotherapists to deliver a pilates-based programme like no other. This is a gentle but really effective way to gain and retain muscle strength.
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