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Who are Guardian Carers?

Quite simply, Guardian Carers enable our clients to continue living a fulfilling, safe, comfortable and enjoyable life in their own home. We have a team with long experience in finding the right domestic staff for each situation and providing a custom service that will identify the perfect companion and housekeeper for each person.

People often have to arrange help at short notice and this can be a very stressful time. We aim to make the process of recruiting as easy as possible for all concerned.

We start each search with a list that you provide of your specific health needs, wishes, interests and requirements. As you would, we put the client at the centre of the search and seek the best possible fit for them, in terms of a companion and housekeeper. In doing this, we find out what kind of person you are, likes and dislikes. Your wellbeing comes first and we only recommend caring staff that we feel will be perfect.

Once we have someone we feel we can recommend, you have the opportunity to interview the candidate yourself. It goes without saying that the final decision is yours because we want you to feel confident that you are getting the best possible care at home. We provide continuing support, and will happily discuss any queries, or make changes as required.

Once you’re sure you have the right person, there’s the inevitable paperwork to deal with and here too, we can make everything much easier for you. We can supply you with a sample contract and can also manage the payroll, deductions and payslips for the successful candidate. We’ll even do the necessary sign up with HMRC because we believe at this time you should only need to worry about your own welfare.

Harrow on the Hill

What will the companion housekeeper do?

To a large extent, their job will be to maintain normality for you. All of our staff are trained to be aware of the responsibility that comes with being resident in someone’s home. They will want the person they are caring for to feel secure, comfortable and safe but to have the stimulus of a caring companion.

An important part of the companion housekeeper’s duty will be to ensure that you are eating tasty, nutritious meals, based on foods with which you are familiar and enjoy, served at the times you are used to eating. The companion housekeeper will be immediately aware if you appear to have lost your appetite or you seem to be having trouble eating or drinking. In sharp contrast with residential care home environments, in which meals are often rushed, the aim will be to give you the time to eat your meals at your own pace and in familiar surroundings.

The care is, by its nature, individualised. So if you have particular needs, the care will be built around responding to them. For example, if you have some degree of visual impairment or hearing difficulties, these will be taken account of in all activities that the candidate initiates.

Activities with a companion housekeeper in Harrow on the Hill

If you are mobile, or mobile with assistance, your selected companion housekeeper in Harrow on the Hill will suggest various outings that may be suitable.

  • Harrow on the Hill has managed to retain a lot of its old world charm and is a delightful place for an afternoon or morning out
  • With quirky cafes and some great restaurants, coffee and a cake or a great Sunday lunch are always popular, while some individuals are keen to visit a favourite pub!
  • Mental stimulus is important too, and both the Women’s Institute and University of the Third Age are active in Harrow, with various meetings and activities
  • Harrow Elders Bridge Club can help keep brains active
  • Harrow Arts Centre has a great range of shows and performances
  • Over at Headstone Manor, there’s the Moat cafe, a range of interesting displays and regular one-off exhibitions
  • For those who still take an interest in the garden, even though they can’t manage the digging, there’s a great garden centre. After picking out some plants, there’s always the choice of coffee or lunch there too
  • For the more active, there are lots of classes, many welcoming older participants, including Tai Chi, yoga, keep fit and others
Companion Housekeeper

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