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Who are Guardian Carers?

Guardian Carers provide quality care to individuals and their homes. The team at Guardian Carers has a wealth of experience to ensure the individual needs of each and every client are met in full. Guardian Carers aims to provide a bespoke service and can supply care for a wide range of specific needs. All services are based on the personal circumstances of the recipient, and a one-size-fits-all approach is never used. Ongoing support means that clients can get in touch at any time with queries or requests and someone will help you as soon as possible. Guardian Carers was set up to make the in-home care process as stress-free and smooth as it can be.

What's expected from a companion housekeeper in Kingston upon Thames?

A companion housekeeper offers a range of services to allow individuals who might need extra assistance to remain in their own home. Companion housekeepers add an extra layer of safety and security to the home and let people continue living their lives without the need to move into a residential home or care facility. Companion housekeepers can accompany their clients on walks, attend classes with them, accompany them to social events and much more. A companion housekeeper is also able to take care of general day-to-day household tasks, such as grocery shopping, preparing and cooking meals, general housekeeping tasks and more.

Benefits of a companion housekeeper in Kingston upon Thames

A companion housekeeper is ideal for anyone who wants to remain in their home but perhaps isn't able to undertake all the everyday tasks this entails any more. A companion housekeeper can replace several other roles or services in one go. For example, instead of having a visiting companion, meal delivery service and occasional cleaner, a companion housekeeper can fulfil all of these roles if required.

A companion housekeeper provides support and companionship for individuals or couples who are mentally and physically able to live without full-time care but who need a helping hand around the home and even on excursions outside the home. The service provided by Guardian Carers offers security and peace of mind for those who wish to retain their independence but who may be facing health challenges or the effects of ageing. They can help reduce the time burden on family members, allowing them to enjoy spending time with their loved one without constantly having to help out around the house and take care of chores the care recipient is unable to handle. The benefits are numerous and include freeing you up from everyday tasks and chores, giving you more time to enjoy life and relax.

A companion housekeeper will keep your home clean and tidy at all times, and can enable you to remain in your home for years longer than you might otherwise be able to. Companion housekeepers also help to prevent feelings of loneliness and can keep their clients happy and healthy for longer by making it easier and safer for them to lead full and active lives. Having a companion for social events can even encourage individuals to try new things or revisit old hobbies they haven't had the confidence to tackle by themselves.

Things to do with a companion housekeeper in Kingston upon Thames:

  • Take a gentle stroll around Isabella Plantation to watch the plants and flowers change with the seasons
  • Take in a show at the Rose Theatre
  • Enjoy a riverside walk, stopping off for an ice-cream or cup of coffee on the way
  • Visit the spectacular Hampton Court Palace, where English history is brought to life
  • Take a trip to the famous Richmond Park to see the much-loved deer grazing in the fields
  • Unwind in Canbury Gardens, a beautiful spot to get some fresh air and relax in the outdoors
  • Visit beautiful All Saints Church and sample the delights of its popular cafe
  • Do a spot of shopping at the local Ancient Market, open every day of the week

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